We are a people who believe in personal salvation through the Spirit of God and water baptism with a message of overcoming our lives to prepare for the second coming of Christ.  We are committed to building His True Church that exemplifies One Body and One Spirit.  We stand as a beacon of light that brings hope and a welcoming home for all God’s people.  Anointed by God, our Ministry preaches The Gospel.  Our foundation is planted on the authoritative truth of the Word of God, which provides the principles, doctrine, and faith by which we live.
This blog supports the people of The Churches at Onslow, Jacksonville, Kinston, and Wilmington—all in North Carolina; The Church at Connersville, Indiana; The Church at Atlanta, Georgia; and The Church of Riverside, California.  It expresses our unity in the Body of Christ as we work to expand His Glorious Church.  We welcome you and hope to help you on your spiritual journey as we go on ours.

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