From another incredible weekend in church, we’re going into the week stronger . . . strengthening our hearts, lifting up our hands that hang down, and making straight paths for our feet.

(Hope to write more later about these services, but for now, just sharing some brief highlights.)

Don’t be so easily beset at adversity. Our way of escape from adversity is walking through it and overcoming with our head up. Elder LaFleur and Brother Joe Byrd went through adversity and made straight their paths. They endured and finished their course. Knowing that gives us hope that we can, too💙

Abraham faced adversity full force and head on — he staggered NOT at the promises of God. A faith like Abraham’s shines brightest when conditions are at their darkest. We are walking a journey finding peace and hope amidst adversity because we are not casting away our confidence, and we’re facing it with God on our side.

Although it is tempting to complain, complaining changes nothing. We all have the same qualifications to make it — God is just. He doesn’t allow one person to not earn eternal life, and make others have to earn it. Our way through adversity it to take up our cross and keep fighting the good fight!

Much Love,

Have a Great Week Ahead, Everyone!🙂💛

2 thoughts on “Responding to Adversity

  1. It’s so encouraging to read of how others faced their “mountains” in the Bible. To personally witness it in the lives of dear saints who faced adversity, pain and death victoriously gives us the roadmap for our own journey.

  2. Love all the encouraging examples of real charity and fruit of the spirit, in action, of saints in their everyday walk, using the truth and spirit of God to go through adversity, and maybe help others put on their armor to battle through adversity in their lives

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