How’s your week been? Some of us around here have been working hard to prepare for our production, “Pilgrim, Her Story”.

I was struck by how much I love this musical for how it literally (it’s an allegory) walks through our journey, not as a way to simply leave the bad behind, but as a way to remember the lessons we learned as we continue on the path and to be thankful for every landmark, place of refreshment, and safety the King has provided for us along the way. The biggest takeaway? No one ends up on the path by mistake. Even if it doesn’t look like what you imagined or think it should look. . . stay on it and keep walking. It’s the path to Mount Zion.

Our production camp week is just around the corner. Something special happens in an environment away from routine. It’s perhaps one of our favorite weeks during the years we do productions. It’s a week like no other . . .  a week without distractions, a week of focus and dedication to bring your very best to the performance, a week to be around all your friends having a great time (especially on breaks), a week to create memories that will last a lifetime, and a week to believe that God will impact the life of every young person there as they learn the lessons from Pilgrim, Her Story about friendships, life choices, positive relationships, getting back up from setbacks, to keep walking on the path, the whole journey, and so much more.

I believe what my dad used to say, “Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.” Friendships and the people your teenagers surround themselves with have a huge influence on their lives. It’s nice to see them hanging around others who are also on the path walking alongside them. I love that being together through all the rehearsals and that last week allows the opportunity to form God appointed friendships . . . those are bonds forged in Christ, the strongest kind.

FYI, the message from Pilgrim, Her Story will be powerful❤

4 thoughts on ““Pilgrim, Her Story” is Almost Here!

  1. Got my tickets and can’t wait I look forward to each production knowing bring the word of God to live people who live for Christ , with joy thankfulness, and unwavering faith.
    Thank you so much for your time and great love that you put in everything you all do

    1. I’m looking forward to seeing the production, and all the talent of our young people! Thank you to all the cast, crew and meal providers involved with making this production the great hit I know and am sure it’s going to be. Your labor is so worth it😊

  2. I also am looking forward to another production from my Bro. and Sisters. You bring the production so real to life’s . you cause me to look within myself each and every production. Love ya all!!

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