Wrapping up our weekend keeping prayer at the very front of our minds, and Brother Robert Wadleigh is reminding us what prayer is really all about and how nothing can compare to that name, Jesus.

Brother Nobles told us how communication is a two way street. Don’t let your prayer go to the back of your mind. God can communicate with you through a song, a service, or a message, but you will not hear it if you have allowed your prayer to fall somewhere in back of your mind. You have to constantly keep your prayer up front so that when He gives you the answer, you will know it. If you aren’t looking for it, you won’t find it.

Over the years we’ve learned prayer is not about having a big vocabulary, having the right posture, or even crying in agony unless that’s how the Lord is moving you to pray. He just wants to hear your voice. He wants to hear a heart that believes Him, even if it’s a feeble heart at times. He wants to feel our faith in Him. We think we have to have a mountain of faith, but that’s not what He said. When you put the faith you have into His hands, just wait and see what God will do with it.

We know what struggles are like, we know what fear feels like, but we also know who God is. Consider how God has answered prayer throughout history. Recorded accounts in the Old and New Testaments speak of mercy, miracles, power, even authority over the wind, the waves, and the sun. And it was all for God’s people who prayed . . . for protection and for victory.

Share this with a friend who knows there is something beautiful, majestic, and powerful about that name. Maybe you need a calm place to pray and contemplate His name before you end your day — we’re glad you’re here.


Brother Robert Wadleigh

They have a name, but we have a name. -Brother Patrick

When you’re dealing with doctors, they have a name for everything, but we have a name as well.

That name is Jesus.

Our weapons are mighty.

It irritates me when I hear people say, “all we have is prayer”. It irritates me because prayer is not a last resort. It is our first line of defense . . . and it is powerful.

It is equally irritating to me when I hear people say, “all we have is our faith”.

Faith is just as powerful as prayer. As Ephesians tells us, it forms a shield and that protects us from those scary words doctors use.

They have a name. We have a name.

Say His name.

2 thoughts on “Say His Name

  1. I depend on the power in that name, JESUS! When I find myself in a place where I don’t know how to pray because of the turmoil in my mind, I just say that name JESUS – JESUS – JESUS! I can feel my mind settle down and I can focus on those things I know to be true. It is all in HIS hands and so am I. What peace there is in knowing JESUS.

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