Many are feeling anxiety this season, but do you know the most stressful thing you can hear?

You can instantly stress out anyone just by shouting, “catch”.

It gets us every time😄

We are a blessed people. Remember that we serve the God of peace, and we lift up the name that is above all names, Jesus. Despite all the differences between us, at the core of people searching for something better in life is a yearning to feel the love of God. His message, truth, and love are timeless and not affected by sickness, separation, sadness, or worldly affairs. Until you’ve known the love of God, you’ve known nothing.

“If you could own all the world and it’s money, Build castles tall enough to reach the sky above; If you could know everything there was to know about life’s game, Yet you’ve known nothing until you’ve known God and His love.”

To think all those years ago in Bethlehem: the King Had Arrived.

What’s important now is our focus on overcoming and preparing ourselves. Why?

The King is Coming Back!

Take this time to message someone who has supported you this year and tell them how much they mean to you, or reach out to someone if you are alone and feeling down.

You may be on your way home. Traveling to your friends, family, or a celebration where you’re going to spend your holidays. You’re making this journey hoping it’s going to be a happy time. Don’t forget the bigger picture, a journey we are undertaking heading toward Mt. Zion.

Ours is a journey where the Lord promised to be a friend and to help us, forever. Don’t take a holiday from praying and asking forgiveness from things you’ve done that have separated you from God. We are on a journey with great grace. A journey of great joy. If you’re not on the path, make that step and come with us. You’ll find mercy, forgiveness, strength, redemption, and a God who will not fail you.

He hears your prayers. Remember when the people of God had been crying out in anguish? Their oppression was terrible. God answered with power, yet the answer seemed to look so feeble and ordinary. Probably many didn’t recognize it. An old man, a staff, and a family on a donkey hardly looked like an answer to prayer, yet it was the answer, and it was a powerful one at that.

The answer to your prayer might be right in front of you, and yet you don’t have eyes to see . . . your answer has come.

“And Moses took his wife and his sons, and set them upon an ass, and he returned to the land of Egypt: and Moses took the rod of God in his hand.” -Exodus 4:20

Going into the next season, let us yield our lives completely to Him.

Even if you are celebrating virtually with family, we hope you have a wonderful holiday together❤️

Let Me Yield My Life Completely to Him

Let me yield my life completely to you; heal my spirit, my soul, and body too; you can mend the broken places, my strength you can renew; let me find my life, Jesus, in you.

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  1. I enjoyed this post, it confirms in me many things; one being God is bigger than anything we go through, and if I continue to trust in Him, He will see me through it all🎶
    Thank you for this post💚

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