How’s your weekend? Is it us, or do others think about what kind of candy they will have for their church bag for services — whether online or in person. Apparently, there are really people out there who like Twizzler licorice bites. We’ll just be over here, utterly baffled, with a bag of skittles🙂

We’re still thinking about our last baptizing. To be part of His people, knowing what we get to build together, is significant.

To us He made a promise, the most wondrous ever made. No, this is not the part where you recite the side effects really quickly. If you are living your life right, you can read His promises slowly and clearly . . . and hold on to them.

We’re looking forward to all the things happening across His Church this weekend. You can praise God and be thankful for the small moments in life as well as the big ones. Let us know what you’re praising Him for in the comments below.

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“He Put a Light Down in the Valley so that We Might See Our Way”

John prepared the way for Jesus. Baptism prepares the way for us. It is part of our journey to overcoming. It starts our process from death to life and connects us into the Body of Christ.

BROTHER GIBBS pointed out that as we’re being baptized in the name of Jesus, a revelation comes with that name. He reminded us that three baptisms are part of our salvation process: baptism of water, baptism of the Holy Ghost, and baptism of fire.

BROTHER MICHAEL read that as the early saints heard the Word preached, the Holy Ghost fell on them! He also shared how it was good to have the knowledge of exactly what we are getting saved from.

BROTHER MONTE was thankful to hear all these things that still excite his soul! He told us how baptism is about a clear conscience. As you are being fully submersed, the last thing that goes under the water is your head – getting rid of your mistrust and your way of thinking. Repent, and be baptized! We still need to be coming down to the altar to repent for our sins. If we believe, we can receive the Holy Ghost! To all the churches:


BROTHER NOBLES spoke about how good it is for brethren to dwell together in unity and how Elder worked in the heat of the day to ensure we had a unity that would last. It didn’t just happen. He emphasized the meaning of baptism as full submersion. It counters what our nature wants – to hold on to parts of ourselves. Even when we are about to be baptized in the Holy Ghost, to be submerged in the spirit of God, we have a natural tendency to grab hold of something that prevents us from fully submerging ourselves in the spirit.

During our journey, how many times will we repent?


True repentance is change. He encouraged people to come and get a fresh baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Do you want to build the Body of Christ? Build yourself through the instruction we receive. Next, LOCK yourself into the Holy Ghost and your revelation. When you do these things, you will be able to help build others and the church.

He shared his prayer and spoke to our newly married young couples: as you are going about life gaining careers, setting up homes, and making your family – first and foremost, in all those things:


Brother Nobles speaking to our newly married couples made me think about how many couples in our church are getting married over the span of a couple years (a lot!), and it made me think about being baptized like an engagement ring with Jesus. Baptism is an act of obedience, a total submersion, a public declaration before the church of going into the water burying our old life and coming up out of the water with the decision to become a new creature, and . . . it is an outward symbol that you love and trust the Lord enough to want to one day be His Bride.

Being there and watching your fellow brothers and sisters make that commitment and decision to the Lord is a wondrous and exciting time in our church. The Holy Ghost literally spreads throughout the congregation — you can feel it each time a person rises up out of the water!

2 thoughts on “These are Moments We are Grateful for as a Church Family

  1. LOCK yourself into the Holy Ghost. What a great statement. I’ve been looking at scripture that relate to locking ourselves in. Thank God for His ministry and devine order! Love this article. Love the saints.

  2. My heart must be smiling! You know that sweet warmth you feel when a precious memory brings a rush of emotions that allows you to taste that experience again. I wanted to be a part of HIS church. When I heard Elder LaFleur teach on water baptism as a necessary step, I could hardly wait. That was in – well it has been a number of years ago. This feeling must be my heart smiling as I remember!

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