Sometimes we grow quicker in the storm. Sometimes we grow stronger in hot, dry places. God uses the worst conditions to become the catalyst for the greatest of change.

The Early Church was on the move–called out of darkness into light, following Christ where he led. God has always moved. During the exodus of His people, God moved them to where He wanted them to go. He always had a man and a ministry to step up and lead His people out of bondage, out of Egypt, and into Canaan. God has a place for us, but we cannot access it sitting stagnant. We have to keep moving with the cloud when it moves. We have to get up and follow the ministry out of captivity.

Get up, and let’s make the journey together🙂

The early saints paid the ultimate price for the truth that we get to hear preached today. They died so we could be in the true Body of Christ today. The more we immerse ourselves in the truth, the more we identify what is not truth. Knowing the way that has been paved for us by them, and all the others who followed, we should want to learn more and guard the truth and revelation we have been given thus far—with our life.

Thanks so much for sharing in our memories from Acts, A City Rising.

Much love to you all❤️

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