Our ministry works hard by preaching the Word and keeping our school open to instill truth and a love for God in our young people now, while they are still young, to set them up to be overcomers and winners in the Lord for the rest of their lives!

When we do projects such as productions, our hope is to create an extension from what we have in church — a space for friendships and bonds among our young people to be strengthened and deepened, which allows young people to feel supported in their journey and walk with God.

There’s something so powerful about a young person’s testimony, and year after year, I’ve seen the way God has touched their minds and desire to engage in the right fellowship and learn spiritually from each new endeavor we begin.

The ministry has built us on the true and solid foundation, and every production we work on could be the time that helps cement even more, these spiritual foundations in a young life that keeps them on the right trajectory for the rest of their life.

It was evident that God has His hand on our youth, and we can never underestimate what He can do when we gather together.

Over the years, a lot of changes take place, and one of the best ways to show how much we care is to remember special occasions, whether it’s celebrating special moments with a shout out; recognizing significant milestones taking place in their lives during our last week; or if they have exams or are going through a rough patch, praying with them during prayer circle.

They don’t always remember all the details of everything we’ve done, but they recall the moments we shared, the laughs (and bloopers), the tears, and the adventures we embarked on — these are powerful moments that last a lifetime.

Young people are just waiting for you to unearth their potential, and there is a wealth of God-given gifts and talents that we can help cultivate and direct toward the Lord. We just have to work with them and most important, believe in them. What’s really cool? When you see the unlikely and non-obvious ones.

We have an awesome team and crew who acknowledge and encourage spiritual growth in all we do. Human nature tends to point out something wrong or critique something that needs improvement (and we do work on those things to be better in practice and strive to bring our best), but there is something beautiful about encouraging progress, especially the spiritual progress of young people’s lives.

One thing I believe our whole team has learned through the years — our young people can surprise us, go beyond our expectations, and become more than what we had even planned.

We are sharing memories and looking forward to a new chapter in the coming year!

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