Feeling meh because it’s the end of the weekend? We have snippets from a message last night that will help breathe life into our fast-approaching Monday.

Share this with a friend who remembers when you could get up from the couch without groaning. Those were the days.

Brother Randy Smith reminded us that we are in a time of preparation. The world is changing all around us — not to scare us, but to remind us we are responsible for our own salvation, and it’s time to examine ourselves (2 Corinthians 13:5) and prove ourselves.

He also talked about our toolbox and how there might be a tool you only need one or two times, but boy when you needed it, you were glad it was there. In working out our own salvation, he remembered Brother Nobles telling us we don’t trip over the big stuff. We see the big piano sitting in the room; it’s the smaller things that get us.

In this fight, you can’t use flesh against flesh–you will lose. We all let things slip, but Elder instilled in us “keep pressing, keep moving forward, don’t live in the past”. Brother Randy mentioned how it meant a lot to him and affected his life when he first came around that Elder planted and planted in us, “We can make it.”

Prepare our ground for planting–get the soil right. We all get into a rut (a shallow grave) at times, but know where to turn for help. Go to the Word. God did not call you to fail.

Continue this race. Don’t let anything hold you back. We get down from conditions of life. Don’t just come back, come back strong!

You can even have fun while overcoming. Brother Randy shared a story about being at the Elder’s house and helping light a gas stove. You have to blow on it first. When he leaned over to blow on it, Sister Jean yelled “Boo!” and scared him half to death😂

He also shared a story he heard Brother Patton tell over at someone’s house during a fellowship. When Brother Patton was young, there was a storm and the lights went out in the church. He jumped up, and with both hands in the air, loudly proclaimed, “Let there be light!” Nothing happened. It was still dark. Everyone thought how horrible he must have felt, but Brother Patton said, “I needed that.”

No one loves the baptism of fire, but we need it. If we don’t get down where the rubber meets the road, we’ll miss it.

Brother Randy closed by saying, “All I’ve been through, I can say, I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken or his seed out begging for bread!”

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