Please join us in wishing our incredible OCA graduates, Olivia James, Kaitlyn Smith, and Dylan Shepard, congratulations!

We’re blessed to have our school as part of our church. This school is something Elder LaFleur believed in so much, and that’s why we would encourage you to make all the good times, and even the tough ones, count. God is preparing you for what He has ahead of you. We know that you three have the right foundation to do many significant things along your journey, and we are excited to be part of this day in your lives.

Keep on doing good things and decide — like Christian did in “Pilgrim” — that you’re going to keep walking this road with the King no matter what else comes your way. Don’t let distraction, temptation, or other people sway you off course from where God has led you.

We’re blessed by all of you students – there is no school like you anywhere on the globe.

Elder would be so proud of each one of you, and we are, too❤️

We love you Olivia, Kaitlyn, and Dylan!

God bless, and Happy Graduation Day!!!

2 thoughts on “Congratulations OCA Class of 2020!

  1. 😄CONGRATS OCA class of 2020!
    Time has flew and I am so very proud of you all making it to that SPECIAL DAY! I love you all and pray your revelation keeps you rooted and grounded as you continue your walk in the Lord and enter the next chapter of your lives….adulthood.

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