Hi. We’re in such a time of great change. Have you ever been reading the Bible and it captures home so beautifully that every page makes you homesick? You don’t want to go now . . . you just yearn to get your life closer to it.

We need Psalm 144 because it reminds us how the Lord moves across time freely—we can skip around and not move in linear fashion. Jesus is still the great mountain mover and through Him giants still fall and walls still crumble. The God at work in the Bible is still the God at work in our lives today.

My husband and I both need appointments to have our eyes checked. A trip to an optometrist can change the way we see the world. An encounter with God can change how we view it—especially when everything else is as dark as midnight.  Pray we do not lose our sight and we remain governed by the truth . . . that is what makes us sons and daughters.

This past weekend in church, we were blessed to hear testimonies of what God has been doing in people’s lives. They encouraged us to recognize the impossibilities in our lives and hold on to hope as Abraham did. They shared stories that prove when you start thinking like the new man, you start living differently. The Lord equips us with the small storms today that help us navigate the big storms tomorrow, and these testimonies left us feeling that God is good and there’s a miracle on the way.

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One thought on “Psalm 144 – Once and Forever Opens the Door of Happiness

  1. Thank you for helping me focus and start my day with words of encouragement and reminding me how BLESSED we are! How can God’s people not be HAPPY? We have been given so much to be THANKFUL for. As Sis Peggy always says, “All this and heaven too!” Yep – I’m going to “THINK MYSELF HAPPY” all day!

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