We just walked right into Friday rocking 😎

We love Brother Patrick. No one is better at giving analogies that hit home and are funny. Wednesday night he talked about how important the Word of God should be to us, but today we’re just sharing a quote from him that was revealing about the brotherhood and unity of our ministry in the Body of Christ. You won’t find this unity anywhere else.

It’s about a call from God. It’s about a commitment. It’s about a ministry walking together as one.

Our ministry is rich with diversified talents and callings that bless God’s people. Their unique gifts enable each type of personality and every kind of learner across our congregations — to see the way and get what they need to make it.

Brother Patrick encouraged us to grab a notebook (and maybe a coffee), turn on the vimeos, and gather what we need for our lives during this time. Truth is in abundance right now. We have access to watching so many services–don’t miss out!

Hearing the messages increases our biblical knowledge, instills faith, and teaches us to keep building on the right foundation. We gain a greater understanding of our life and where we are today.

Share this with a friend who had an ambitious plan for healthful lunches this past week, but by now you’ve eaten all the best stuff, what’s left smells weird, and you’re like, ‘over it, ordering takeout.’ It happens.

Here’s to getting back on course next week. Meanwhile, let’s not miss our spiritual meals.

One thought on “A Solid and Trusted Ministry

  1. Amen I’m so thankful for all those vimeos. so encouraging impacting my thinking my life how I read and pray. The word of God becomes living in me. I love also that can listen over and over anytime day or in middle of the night when you need the most encouraged, most spiritual thoughts to keep your self thinking minimize .

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