Hi, it’s us again.  We’re back to share lunch with you and make sure you’re having a good day!  We’ll even throw in some lightheartedness.

Brother Darrell is bringing us another awesome chorus, “I’ve Got A Hold of Something”.

A chorus is shorter than a song and it usually has a catchy tune that sticks with us long after we hear it—sometimes all day, all week, and even through our whole life—which is great because choruses have a way of getting into our brains and keeping us thinking on whatsoever things are lovely, good, and pure.

We even have an analogy.

Choruses are like those little bite-size candy bars.  They are fun-sized, and sometimes that is better because it improves the ratio of chocolate to filling.  Sometimes you need the whole candy bar, because making it smaller ruins the delicate balance of peanut and caramel.  It’s definitely a case-by-case situation.

For many Riesens, sometimes you don’t need a song with three verses and a Whatchamacallit . . . a bridge.  You just need a simple chorus that will stick in your head to keep you motivated.  Be-Twix you and me, choruses can be Lifesavers.  Before you assume we’re total Air Heads just because we’re having Mounds of fun right now, we’re the most serious people you’ll meet on earth when it comes to the Lord, bar none.  Ok, we’ll chill with the Ice Breakers — and candy puns.  (We see you Snicker-ing 😅)

Stick with us.  We promise, we’ve got a hold of something good.  We’re a family who goes through everything together, and sometimes a merry heart is the perfect medicine.  (If you knew Elder LaFleur, you understand what we’re saying.)

Share this with a friend who’s asking somebody to fetch the bolt cutters.  We’ve been in here too long, haha.

#TheWayUpIsDown  #ItOpenedUpMyEyes  #NowICanSee

I’ve Got A Hold of Something

I’ve got a hold of something,

 It’s got a hold of me,

It opened up my eyes,

 And now I can see,

That the way up is down,

 Down on bended knee,

Humble my spirit, Lord,

Have your way with me.


  1. thank you so much I left my way through this afternoon reading the post. Coincidentally for I work today had to sign up for training and happen to be laughter Yoga so I’ve been laughing my way all through the day thank you. I appreciate the songs. Chorus do say in your head and on your heart.been singing” He is sweet I know ” this morning . I prayer we can continue this anticipation of what next.and pure joy of seeing and sharing this truth one to another.

  2. 🎼AaaaMen…🎵AaaaMen…🎶Thank God🎶Thank God🎵Thaaaank God 👏🙌😁

  3. I found something good! Right here where we meet! And it’s a good Life the Lord has given me (us)!!!
    Thank God He got a hold of me!!! I want to get a greater hold on Him!

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