Happy SaturdayūüĆě

We love the people of God and are believing God will do abundantly more than what we can hope for or dream at the end of this trial.¬† We are believing for our lives, households, and families—nothing is too hard or too big for our God!

We will hear phenomenal testimonies of lives transformed through this experience.

Brother Larry and Sister Vivia (and a mystery guitar player) are here this morning to let us know God will make our trial a blessing.¬† Brother and Sister Nadeau both felt this song so strong in their hearts.¬† You’ll see why when you hear it.

Church, we’re going to come out stronger and make it!¬† We are believing with youūüíõ

Share this with a friend whose trial is already turning into a blessing.

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God Will Make This Trial a Blessing

I’ve just come into a valley one like I’ve never been before
I keep searching for a way out seems like padlocks are on the doors
Oh there must be another sunrise another sunset that I’ll see
God will make this trial a blessing that’s the love He has for me
God will make this trial a blessing though it sends me to my knees
Though my tears flow like a river yet in Him there’s sweet relief
There’s no need to get discouraged there’s no need to talk defeat
God will make this trial a blessing and the whole wide world will see
I was not the first one to come into this place
You see every child of God this test he must face
It is here that God will mold you and make you what you ought to be
God will make this trial a blessing just be patient you will see
Now I’m standing on the mountain looking back and I can see
When I was in that lowest valley His strong hand was leading me
Oh it’s good to see the sunshine and to taste sweet victory
God has made this trial a blessing oh the grace He gives to me


  1. Great job Bro Larry, Sis Viv, and Bro Chris!
    Thanks for sharing your heart.

  2. what a BLESSING to see and hear you both. I felt such a sweet spirit sweeping over me!! ADDING STRENGTH TO STRENGTH.

  3. This is such a beautiful song sung by one of my favorite brothers. It truly blessed me to see you both standing together encouraging us all. My heart is smiling.

  4. What a beautiful and timely song to lift our hearts and remind us Who is in control! Bro Larry, I have always loved your singing but God touched your voice mightily on this song! Sis Viv, your loving support for your husband is a testimony to the unity you share in Christ. Thanks to Bro Chris for the wonderful accompaniment. You all have truly blessed me.

  5. Amazing! Great Song! We thoroughly were encouraged! Beautiful singing and music! Thank You!
    When I first heard this song, it let me know God is in full control and always has been! He is leading us!
    Rom 8:28! We will come out victorious!!!

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