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With a testimony and music, Brother Darrell and Sister Trecinda are ushering in a stronger desire to overcome and follow Jesus as they reference Brother Nobles’ recent message on overcoming (stay tuned, we’re working on it) and through this song, “I Will Follow Thee.”

A common thing many of us might be battling to overcome today is Fear.  In the Old Testament, fear is what kept them out of the Promised Land.  Elder gave a Bible study a few years back in his hospital room in Greenville, and told us there was a season of storms on the horizon:  social, political, economical, and religious (winds blowing).

Of course he went into greater detail, but people will have to overcome fear to make the difference we need to make—and do His will.  God’s people can’t be in a state of panic like everyone else when the time comes, or fear will keep us out of the Promised Land.

The world really has a powerful way of herding us like cattle into a fear mentality, doesn’t it?  Brother Nobles recently brought up Y2K—the scarcity, the end of the world, the worst case scenario.  We don’t want fear to consume us, but at the same time, we are not naive.  We are mindful of what is real and going on, and we keep those who are compromised at the forefront of our prayers.

Each morning when we wake up, we feel gratitude that we, and our loved ones, are safe and secure and that while many are nestled up in their homes with family for the time being, we still have the means to get what we need during this uncertain time.  We have the opportunity to not only support each other but to protect each other—from this pandemic, from the panic.

Overcoming our lives is shaping us so we can be like Joseph, who persevered through trials in order that a nation might be saved during a famine.  Many others did the same in the Bible.  Our calling is not light—God will have leaders and people who are unshakeable and willing to trust Him when all else fails.

He will have a people who will follow Him.

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I Will Follow Thee

Gods people over in bondage no one to lead them out,
Until the Lord cried Moses turn yourself about.
He took one look at the burning bush then took of his shoes,
On holy ground old Moses cried, Oh Lord I’ll follow you.

He said I will, I will follow thee,
Over the mountains high, Over stormy seas.
And when I hear your voice Lord no matter how I feel,
I will leave my burdens there and Lord I’ll follow thee.
I’ve wondered alone at midnight, cried my share of tears,
Had troubles all around me, for many, many years.
But midnight has vanished; troubles have to flee,
When I heard the saints who say, I will follow thee.



3 thoughts on “I WILL FOLLOW JESUS.

  1. Bro. Gibbs recently said, “We were taught a long time ago – there is only one thing you can’t afford to loose; that is Jesus Christ.” I HAVE DECIDED TO FOLLOW JESUS. Though my heart goes out to people all around the world as they battle through these “uncertain times” my prayer is that many will also DECIDE TO FOLLOW JESUS!! Thank you to all the Bridge Crew. Keep on BLESSING us with your songs and words of encouragement – until we meet again.

  2. Amen! I decided and committed to the Lord when I was young, and I don’t want to go back on that commitment when I am old! I am happy being saved! Miss seeing my brothers and sisters!

  3. I want to decide “I WILL FOLLOW THEE” everyday. No matter what comes against me (or us) I have a Savior that can go with me over the mountains and through the valleys. Keep looking up Saints- He is always with us.

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