We are delighted to be bringing you wonderful blessings from Brother and Sister Gill and the precious saints in Connersville, as they are reminding us—through a very beautiful song—that we have His joy in us and we are longing for it to be full ūüíõ

“These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.”¬† -John 15:11

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After the video, keep reading for some food for your soul (just a few words about the beginning of Brother Nobles’ message from Saturday).

Thank you, Connersville!!

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Brother Nobles said some things Saturday that hit home.¬† He said we should all have a greater appreciation for our brethren and the saints and churches who can’t be right with us¬† (Brother Gill in Indiana, Brother Bean in California, and Brother Wright in Georgia).¬† They are still working and laboring and building the kingdom of God.¬† We should have a greater appreciation for the price they pay as we now feel how it is to see each other only sporadically and fellowship through some electronic means.¬† We appreciate each of you brethren and all the saints in these churches.¬† We may be separated by natural miles, but that is the only separation.¬† This condition separates us now, but we are making it work.

Proving Time

We appreciate all the saints for working in this new pattern we have so we can stay unified.¬† This condition is a proving time for us.¬† Remember when Daniel told the eunuch, “prove us ten days”?¬† Look how Daniel fared through that.¬† He and his friends came out stronger.¬† They were going to hold to what they knew was righteous.¬† God elevated all those men through their conditions because they proved themselves.¬† We are in a proving time, which is not a bad thing.¬† No matter how much time we are separated, we should only get stronger.

The Footmen and The Horses

We want to prove to God and ourselves (nobody else) that we are going to do what God has asked us to do now, especially considering all the time He has blessed us.  Are we going to faint in this little time we are going through?  If the footman weary you, how in the world can you survive when it gets worse than this condition?

“If thou hast run with the footmen, and they have wearied thee, then how canst thou contend with horses? and if in the land of peace, wherein thou trustedst, they wearied thee, then how wilt thou do in the swelling of Jordan?”¬† -Jeremiah 12:5

We don’t have to find a specific day, but we’ll know what God is doing because of times and seasons as they come.¬† We still have time ahead of us.¬† God has let us know through the scriptures we are not there yet.¬† For some of us, these days may be the very proving time that will be our final proving time.¬† Are you going to stay strong?¬† For some, these days may be your horses.¬† For some, it may be your footman.¬† Are you going to stay strong?¬† Are you going to stand?

(Don’t run away with those statements about it being your final proving time, but consider them.)

We are still in the land of peace, even though it has strained us and we may be weary, we are not in the swelling of Jordan.  Prove we are willing no matter the sacrifices it takes, to pay the price to still be able to gather the truth into our own heart and build the kingdom of God, which is our responsibility.  Prove ourselves to be righteous to God.

Hand Us More Than Flowers at the Airport

On every corner, you can easily find a warm, fuzzy, and charismatic Christian love message, but we have been called for more than that.  The early church would have never made it without truth and endurance, nor can we build the wall, the Body of Christ, or the people of God without them.  He never leaves us in a place where we will be caught off guard; however, it takes courage, strength, and depth of understanding for the ministry to speak whatever message God has given and courage for the people to hear it and do it.  To survive hard times, you need something that runs deeper than warm, fuzzy feelings.

Remember how amazing it was for the disciples to follow His power and miracles, but there came that time when Jesus told them unless they ate his flesh and drank His blood, they would have no life?¬† It was a very hard saying for them, and they resisted the truth and ran from it.¬† What Jesus said lets us know that the shallow end will never be enough.¬† It did not matter how often they went to the synagogue, how many good deeds they did, or how much they prayed.¬† Without the full life of Christ in them—they would never have eternal life.

Our true joy in Jesus comes when we’ve taken these things He has spoken unto us and applied them in our lives.



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  1. My heart is full! What a blessing to see and hear from Connersville. Thank you for the song and the encouraging words.

  2. Thank you Connersville Church!
    Very Encouraging!
    That message Bro Nobles gave was timely and timeless! The Lord is truly building us Up!
    We’re Making It!
    Let’s Build!

  3. So good to hear you all. I can feel the spirit in this song. Thanks for the encouraging word, B. Brandon.
    Love you guys!

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