It’s not just another afternoon or message of strength and support.  As we move through work and see on the news what looks like empty downtown streets, remember who’s in charge.  If you’re one who found a better life, you know it’s easy to pinpoint how and when it all started.  Hold that time of your life close . . . never let it go.

You know how it’s easy to feel braver during the day, but in the dark, something shifts and we need reassurance we didn’t need just 10 minutes before?  Let this song consume you into the night thinking of the freedom we can find in the Savior.

Brother John and Sister Rachael Shepard are singing Chain Breaker, but first Brother John gives us some scriptures (and a couple nuggets) as he mentions the woman at the well when Jesus told her the hour cometh when you shall neither worship at that mountain nor in Jerusalem.  He has something for us about true worshipers in spirit and in truth.

Share this with a friend who’s been walking the same old road for miles and miles.  There’s a better life ❤️

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4 thoughts on “IF YOU FEEL LOST

  1. Love seeing you and hearing you. Thank you for sharing. But what about the kids? Please give them my love too!

  2. Those beautiful scriptures certainly resonated with me and “Chain Breaker” was the perfect song to start my day with encouragement! Thank you dear Brother and Sister Shepard!

  3. We thoroughly enjoyed those scriptures and words from Bro Suggs, Bro John, Bro Bobby and Bro Darrell, and those songs really uplifted our souls! We appreciate the labor of the Ministry and the Bridge crew during this time of being apart. Bro Gibbs taught on Thursday that we ought to be growing stronger in our personal walk more than ever before! Just like these brothers mentioned. And no doubt when we’re able to meet again, it’s gonna be a Hallelujah shouting time! We are winning saints and we are going to make it!! If we who are called by His Name, will humble ourselves and pray, and seek His Face, God will answer!

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