Some morning routines look a little different these days, but hopefully you’re still waking up talking to Jesus before you start the day.  If you love quiet mornings and your coffee cup full, may both be extra good today ☕️💛

We try to have inspiration for everyone here.  We’re all on a journey to become one and be more like Jesus—loving God, loving people, and building the church together.

We’re finding calm and solace in this storm through lyrical words of a song or by hearing ministers speak to us from their homes.  Whether it’s speakers or writers who’ve found their way with words, or singers, their way with melodies—we’re all drawn together by a reverence for truth and getting love and encouragement to God’s people.

Brother Robert Wadleigh is talking to us today about how everything is going to all work together for good.  He said he doesn’t know what lies ahead, but it’s going to be good, and that no matter how hard the winds blow . . . we are standing on the foundation of faith.

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6 thoughts on “FAITH, NOT FEELING

  1. Thank you Bro. Bobby, for helping me start my day in the right direction. I keep posting this because it is important to me that you all know how valuable The Bridge is to me and I’m sure to us all. It’s a compass pointing me in the right direction as I move through the day. I have “post-it” notes on my mirror to keep me focused, because I have a tendency to forget things. Each post on the Bridge helps me keep my focus on the Lord and how BLESSED I am to be a part of His people. WE’RE GOING TO MAKE IT!!!!!

  2. What a wonderful way to start my day and put my eyes on the Lord. This hope is just what has been resonating in my heart through Psalm 71:14 ” But I will hope continually and will yet praise thee more and more.” I must praise Him despite what my eyes see or my ears hear. My hope is in Christ and I thank God for my calling to the Body of Christ and the wise ministry He has provided!

  3. Thank you Bro. Bobby,
    A great reminder of Faith not Feeling; and by having Faith, it helps us overcome Any fear!

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