What an honor today to hear Brother Monte give us wisdom and encouragement during our lunch hours (or whenever you are able to check out this video).

Our ministers our helping us navigate through this (hopefully short) season and encouraging us.  Brother Monte raises a question that Brother Nobles once asked:

What happens to our minds when we don’t read, we don’t pray, and we don’t strive like we’re supposed to?

Share this with a friend who is looking for answers and scriptures to guide them into truth.  They will love Brother Monte (who doesn’t?) 🙂

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  1. More and more I’m gleaning from the love everyone is sharing on The Bridge. I love that name “The Bridge.” As we walk through our day we may be physically separated but we’re connected In spirit. The Bridge helps me stay focused and thankful for all we share together in The Body of Christ.


  2. I remember so many years ago while we still lived in South Carolina, how hard it was to be away from God’s people for even a few days. Through it all God helped me appreciate the gift of our ministry and church family but also how I needed to lean on Him. This time is a little like that and we can all learn and grow stronger through this. Thank you, Bro Monte, for your encouraging message.

    1. Encouragement for my soul. It’s a beautiful situation to be among the family of God with a Ministry leading us on the path of righteousness. Bro. Suggs thank you for giving yourself to be used by God.

  3. Thank you Bro. Suggs, for encouraging us to remember Simple, Needful Exercises, to Strengthen and Keep us from day to day!

  4. Thank you Bro Suggs!
    We were taught that Prayer less Preachers produce Powerless Pulpits…and we know that prayer less people will also produce powerless people! Thank the Lord this is a time we can really put our prayer shoes on, and take our shield of Faith, and stand on the Lord’s word that He will never leave us and He will never forsake us! Thank God we have the Lord, a prayerful, powerful ministry, and a praying people that are unifying even more during these times! I know we’ll come out of this time stronger than when we we began! We are going to make it!

  5. That’s very encouraging Bro Suggs. Thank you for your Faithfulness and Dedication over the years. We have a String and Faithful Ministry and I’m so blessed to be apart.

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