Good morning!  Brothers and sisters, like Brother Darrell Kinsey, are doing all they can to help us meet God in our homes as we do in the church building, praising Him and encouraging others in their journey.  He is reminding us that there may be some things we don’t understand, but we do know we can do ALL things through Christ which strengtheneth us!

Btw, if you’re looking for a people serious about this journey serving God and people who are more than casual interactions, but rather grafted together into one body esteeming one another, you are probably realizing the call of the Lord is something deeper.

We know times are hard right now and people are afraid, but remember, some of the greatest miracles in the Bible have been done during times of fear.

Remember when Herod put Peter in prison and the spirit of death tried to hold the people of God captive (as death is passing and spreading over the nation now)?  His people were obeying him in their homes partaking of the lamb, knowing they were being taken on a journey where they end up praising Him and they would have a testimony of who He is in the earth.  They were serious about this thing.  They were serious about moving and walking with God.  Death and darkness did not touch their lives, but life came in.  The spirit of death did not touch them.

Remember that time Brother Nobles preached on that scripture about the prodigal son:  And when he came to himself “?  And in Acts 12, “And when Peter was come to himself”? 

People are coming to themselves.  They are becoming sick of sin, sick of hopelessness, sick of addiction, tired of empty relationships, tired of looking for entertainment that never satisfies.  There’s a famine.  The prodigal sons and daughters are tired of being in the fields where there is pig’s food.  They want to get up, and they want to come home.

There really is power in prayer.  We are not just shouting into the wind.  It really does move mountains.

Spiritual death will pass over people as God moves through a people who take Him seriously.  There is a power available when we pray, but it is not available to the casual associate of Jesus or the game player with God.  We should not be playing games with this moment in history.  When God moves his hand in miraculous power, He does it through a people who are serious about him.

These are the days of unleavened bread.  God has a people in the earth today eating the words of this Bible and not explaining them away, but eating them as they are and not watering them down.

#GodIsReal  #HeHasAPeople  #SeriousAboutThisJourney  #ICanFeelHimInMySoul




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  1. Bro Darrell, God has truly blessed your gift of music to lift up and inspire the Church to keep on looking to Jesus, no matter what else is going on in this life! Thank you for being His instrument.

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