Popping in during the middle of the day to check on you.  How are you?

We hope you’re well and safe and can feel our prayers going up every single day.

For when you’ve been brushing up on your patience skills . . .

Okay, so no one willingly does that, but Brother Nobles told us Saturday that we need two things right now:  patience and hope.

Patience is not about the waiting.  Patience is about the spirit in which we wait.

If it feels like each story coming out about covid-19 is the surest sign we’re doomed, take heart.  Sister Dee Dee Reagen is bringing us more than a ray of light letting us know we can renew our strength.  Let’s join her and be of good courage while we wait upon the Lord!

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5 thoughts on “WAIT UPON THE LORD

  1. That Scripture and chorus have been in my thoughts these past several days! 🙌😊
    Thank You Thank You Thank You🙏😊

  2. Thank you, Sis Dee Dee, for your uplifting words and beautiful song, It was just what I needed.

  3. Thank you Sis Dee Dee! That thought that Bro Nobles gave on the Spirit in which we wait is patience, and it’s no longer just a word we have. Those scriptures (Isa. 40:31, Psa. 40:1) have been two of my anchors during my walk with the Lord…I know if we wait in His Nature, and doing His will, we can be like the birds and creation, not taking thought of where all our needs come from! Bro Gibbs taught on the squirrels and all of God’s creations, and how they are not worried about anything. God has always brought us through unto the other side! Like our precious Sis Mom, who turned 98 this week, always says, “this too shall pass!”
    God is on our side!

  4. Thank you Sis. Dee Dee for sharing your gift of song with so many. Beautiful song. Very encouraging. I love you.

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