Hi.  Fix a cup of tea and join us as this rainy Monday fades away.

If you’ve been feeling out of touch or just straight up miss our church family, Brother Aaron Suggs is talking to us tonight about how blessed we are to have the tools and resources available that are helping keep us positive in tough times, and here’s the cool part: we don’t mind sharing them.

In a time when people are required to self-isolate, remember it’s only physical.  One bright side of technology is that we have the opportunity to stay connected–not the ideal way–but it’s something to at least see and stay in touch with one another.  We need each other during challenging seasons.

Brother Nobles just mentioned that we’ll get back together with a greater fervor and zeal.  What we’ve taken for granted for several years, our physical gatherings, we now see how valuable it has been to gather as we have, and we’re extra thankful for the times we have had with each other in services and fellowship.  When we get to gather again, Brother Nobles said to watch out because “it’s going to be a wham-doozy of a service”.

Small things like sharing videos, graphics, or articles about our services and sharing what we represent have become more immersive than we would have thought possible—because we miss each other.

Share this with a friend who simply wants to hang out and hear something good tonight.  We got you❤️

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4 thoughts on “FOCUSED AND LOCKED IN

  1. Wow!!! How amazing is “BRIDGING” – now more than ever. I am enjoying checking my email – not usually the case for me. These recent post have been food for a hungry soul. Thank you all sooo much and keep em coming please. My love to you all my precious family.

  2. I am so thankful to have an opportunity to see these videos. I’m not a huge social media person so forgive me for not being that connected. I have enjoyed watching and listening to everyone. I love you all so much and can’t wait to wrap my arms around you all again.

  3. I appreciate so much all the labor of love for Gods people that goes into the Bridge. The labor IS NOT in vain. Enjoyed your message Bro. Aaron, We HAVE the VICTORY. As we continue to “ride out the storm” all I can say is, what a service that’s going to be when ALL my brothers and sisters together again I can see. It’s going to be like fire works on the fourth of July Lol🤗

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