As the sun is creeping over the horizon, we have one more video to share tonight.

We are all in an experience we won’t soon forget, but perhaps some of our memorable moments will be how some of our singers—without our incredible technical team, mics, and recording equipment—found a spot in their homes and some jumped on an instrument and began to jam or sing a song a few times, playing and letting the moment and the spirit take over, just raw and organic.

The Denson family (Brother Gary, Sister Tiffany, and Brother Robert), are inspiring us tonight with their zeal, creativity, and smiles as they lift up the name of Jesus.

As we exercise our faith, it will become robust and stronger and we’ll stand by those things He promised us.  In this song, we’re reminded that the name of Jesus also lifted us up.  Think about all those things Jesus accomplished.  He turned the world on its head, disarmed the carnal nature, and won victory over death.

Wherever we are right now, we can praise Him and know He is by our side.  Songs are needed to help burst through the gloom and chaos that we see outside, just as the words of truth help us not get lost in the smoke show of this world.

We’re grateful we’re going through this time together, with you.

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  1. Thank you Bro Denson and Family…His Love has surrounded us like the sea…And we have truly been covered and protected, and provided for during this season! I can feel His love and You’re love in these songs and in the Spirit they’re being sung in! Love Y’all and look forward to coming together again soon!

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