It’s a beautiful evening where we are, close to 7 pm, and we’re just thanking God that no matter how big this pandemic (or anything else) gets, God will always be by our side, and He will always be bigger than our battles.

We are full of faith and confidence because of the army of people praying for us and praying for God’s mercy toward every single person who needs it.  When we get overwhelmed with fear, we reach out to our fellow teammates in this race and the ministry, and they remind us that Jesus says “Peace, be still” when our thoughts wage war, and He brings peace to the anxious heart.

Brother John and Sister Rachael Shepard are singing a beautiful song for us (we love you guys) that has real power to touch our lives.  We appreciate their encouragement as we find ourselves in a place needing the anchor to hold us.

Share this with a friend who needs His peace tonight.




  1. Thank you Bro John and Sis Rachel for that encouraging song and words!
    We definitely need one another and encouraging songs like that!

  2. So thankful for the Anchor in my life. Bro John and Sis. Rachael I enjoyed the song and appreciate your love for the Lord and His people.

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