Deep breath.  We made it to the end of the week.

How are you, really?

Right now may be hard to feel a part of the church community, but you’ve got a family here reaching out to heaven, believing, and praying for you.

We are told to lift one another’s burdens, and in times like these, we need each other.  Brother Darrell and Sister Trecinda Kinsey are being there for us tonight, singing.  We hope you don’t just watch a church activity, but BE the church and participate with the same passion and focus as if we were all together worshiping.

Share this with a friend who feels like their world is unraveling and they need a comforter ❤️

It’s the end of the day—let’s lay our burdens down.

6 thoughts on “HE KNOWS OUR NAME

  1. It certainly was good hearing the both of you. We will all be back soon and it will be a glorious day!!

  2. My heart is full! Thank you for taking the time to share your gift. Maybe next time – have the kids at least say hello. Love you! Sis Mom

  3. He truly DOES know my name. He blessed me with an unexpected and encouraging gift just when I was discouraged and deleted this week! Thank you for the beautiful musical reminder that He knows each of us intimately and lives us unconditionally!

  4. This is one of my favorites!
    And I and my family feel the effectual fervent prayers of God’s ministry and people!
    Thank you Bridge Crew!

  5. What a blessing to know the Lord knows my name and Yes, How great is our God….VERY GREAT so worthy to be praised. Thank you for blessing my soul through songs of encouragement. WE ARE MAKING IT!

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