Hi, just checking in with everyone to encourage you to keep your focus.

Brother Patrick recently said, “It’s impossible to focus on two things at one time.”

Don’t miss your goal — what God brought you to and what He opened your eyes to see.  Men before us fought hard to keep their focus.

Think:  Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego being thrown into the fiery furnace and Daniel praying openly at his window while his life was threatened.  These men fought to keep their focus, and look how it turned out for them.

When fear comes knocking at the door, where is your focus?

Remember all God has done for us.  We must now fight to keep our focus.




One thought on “KEEP YOUR FOCUS

  1. We are in a society that lets someone else (the media) dictate to them what they should think. We now see the results of not putting your trust in God, fear and panic.
    As the people of God we are going about our lives watching this world lose its mind. God has let us know that He has got this.
    Joshua 1:9, Heb 13:6, PSA. 56:9, Psa.73:28

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