It’s Monday. We’re running on an hour less sleep. People are a little grouchier than usual — so we’re popping in to help you end the day on a high note 🙂

Before we jump into the post, there are so many factors that go into military service. Brother Christopher Meinhardt put into words how many of us feel about these men and women:

“We hold dear those precious souls whose lives were offered, yet returned to us. Returned to us, to our land, our homes, our loving arms, their service fulfilled, yet serving still. They have left the battlefield, but the battlefield has not left them. They bear wounds and scars we cannot see and echoes we cannot hear of prices paid beyond our understanding. Their struggle becomes our battle, their pain becomes our cry, and their journey must end safely in our embrace. They must be made whole; they must be treasured as they–themselves–are a living testament to our own enduring gratitude.”

We’re continuing to pray for you and stand with you as you serve our country. Thank you @USSBataan for all you do!

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What’s Coming Together Well

Brother Nobles has been encouraging us to shine our light and witness to more people. Sister Jean has always held a special love and compassion for our military men and women, and the Lord recently put it on her heart to send cards to those members who are deployed.

Let Us Explain

One of our family, Brother Chris Jiles, is deployed onboard the USS Bataan, and we’ve been sending cards and emails — because we miss him.

Sister Jean suggested that when we send Brother Chris a card, let’s add one.

We’re writing an extra card to a military member to let them know how much we appreciate their service and sacrifice and that we always hold them up in prayer. We’d like them to know there’s a place where unity thrives, real love exists, and people care. We would love if they are ever near any of our churches to welcome them into our services.

If you walked into all of our churches, you would see unity and feel the same spirit and love. You could close your eyes and think I am in any one of our churches anywhere.

It’s What We’ve Been Training for Our Whole Lives

Elder heard the footsteps decades ago of people coming into the Body of Christ. Brother Nobles has a vision of individuals, families, and churches coming in. We’ve been getting ready for others who hear the voice to come out of her (Revelation 21).

This generation has seen multiple wars, seen things no one expected to happen in the world . . . it’s been a pretty divisive and tumultuous time in our culture, and the response to that has been the really shallow world of social media — a smoke and mirrors way of living. How many Christians have been caught in that net of shallowness?

Can You Help Wonder How Many People Go Home Sunday Nights and Lie in Their Beds and Weep?

After being in church Sunday, how many still go home hopeless without faith for the future or truth to lean on as they go into their week? Maybe they enjoyed a church service, the preaching was good, and the music, entertaining. Yet, they go home feeling powerless against the giants they’re facing.

And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight. And all the congregation lifted up their voice, and cried; and the people wept that night.” -Numbers 13:33 & 14:1

They despair because they know Monday morning is coming and all things will remain just as they always have been. They have no weapons to fight the real battle. God is calling people who are out there right now feeling that powerlessness and emptiness.

They’re looking for the right voice—not the ten faithless spies—but the message Joshua and Caleb brought back: we can take the land. The ten faithless spies no doubt did their homework, checked the facts, probably considered their report solid and analytical, and presented it to the people . . . but it was an evil report. Those who stayed with them died in the wilderness. Souls are wondering around today in a spiritual wilderness.

Take a few deep breaths. Go to a still, calm place in your mind–where it’s just you and God. Talk to him. If you feel His presence or something tugging at your heart, answer.

He will lead you to a place where you will immediately sense . . . there is something different, something real here.

Good Luck Finding That on a Hallmark Card

Still . . . get your cards ready. For all those at The Church at Onslow, Brother Cowen is collecting them all to mail, so make sure you get yours to him — soon!

Have a great week and shine on, Church!


  1. I don’t want to take for granted the peace and safety we enjoy here in America. Nor do I want to become complacent and forget the price that has been paid and is still being paid by brave men and women in our military. To Bro Chris and all those on board the USS Bataan, please know that we are praying for you all and that you have a church family here waiting for your safe return.

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