How great was last weekend and the services lately?

We have a ministry bringing more of the Word — it’s going to be a fantastic weekend you won’t want to miss!

God’s house has many rooms.  Does the house you’re in feel like a family, like HOME?

Rather than walking alone (with the dangers that the dark places can lead you), consider the family that God has provided for you.  It’s called the Church.  His family is wonderful, yet incomplete until you are here.  In God’s family you won’t find perfect people (yet), but you will find love, laughter, and friendship — you can even cry together.  Most important, you can pray and encourage each other to make it.

Invite friends, family, coworkers.

The best is yet to come, Church.  Believing for chains to break, forgiveness to heal, and lives to be restored.

We are better together working as a team and we have confidence that while we’re overcoming, we’re trusting God to work wonders in our lives — even when we don’t see them.

Share this with a friend who’s facing a fight like they’ve never faced before (just know, God has a people who care).

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The Blessing of a Family

At times, overcoming can feel like a thankless job, followed by moments that leave us speechless with gratitude.  On our journey we’ll experience so many things, meet all kinds of people, and see ourselves like never before.  We’ll see the best and the worst in people — they’ll see the same in us.  We’ll see what’s amazing and what’s broken.  We’ll do things we love and things we’d rather not do.  We’ll have moments where our hearts could burst with fulfillment and seasons where nothing we do works.  We’ll work with people we love and with people that challenge us.  We’ll be that person someone loves and that person who challenges others.  We’ll have seasons of prominence and seasons of anonymity.  We’ll have the temptation to throw in the towel — followed by a fierce determination to never quit.  We’ll have people around that disappoint us, and and we’ll disappoint them, and we’ll have others who surprise us, going beyond our expectations.  We’ll have days that feel like endless mountain climbs, followed by days when we’re feeling ready for whatever challenge comes.

Despite the highs and lows that play out in everyone’s journey, what’s different in the Body of Christ?  We count it such an honor to be called into this family and we stick things out.  In the world if you don’t like someone, you move along.  In the Kingdom, we work on our own faults — then work it out with each other.  Hopefully, these reasons will inspire you wherever you are along the journey—to find, or stay, with God’s family.

We weren’t meant to do this alone.


  1. I love this family and the wonderful life that God has blessed me with. The Body if Christ truly IS home!!

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