We couldn’t be more expectant for all that is about to take place! Gather your crew and head to church this weekend — we’d love to see you ๐Ÿ™‚

We’ve had a bunch of things going on across all our churches since the start of the year, and it’s been the best! The McDonough Meeting moved the church forward. Churches came together and strengthened one another.

The ministry was full of unity, wisdom, encouragement, and support, and our local churches and people went home continuing to build the Body of Christ as God has uniquely called us to do.

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This post is dedicated to Elder Richard B. LaFleur because no one could have been prouder or happier (as a spiritual father) of Brother Kevin and Sister Shereta Wright and all the saints in McDonough, Georgia than he would have been to see that new building and been in the meeting.

We’re New Creatures

We don’t live or see things in a regular old carnal way anymore. Paul showed people who put a lot of stock into looking extra holy that real authority doesn’t come from how religious you look, but from your devotion to God, his people, and laying down your life. After all, Jesus died so that all of us could live. Now, we don’t live for ourselves anymore, but for Jesus.

We’re a Unified, Kingdom-Building, Like-Minded Family

Ministry: thank the Lord for men of God working TOGETHER.

Sisters: sisters stay strong when they stick together.

Young People: they realize being a christian doesn’t mean you canโ€™t also have an absolutely crazy time too. Being biblical and having fun can go hand-in-hand. We have a culture for our youth that is righteous where they can have have fun, share some laughs, and have a good time — but keep it all about Jesus.

Something important to watch: we have an emerging generation that wants to do their part shining more light of the Word into darkness.

The Sound of Our House

Brother Nobles told us the brethren came back excited. He wasn’t kidding!

Brother Gavin (Senior) — I’m overwhelmed by that song, “Unite My Heart”. We have to love one another. God gave us all things — but not all the same way. I don’t care what the world thinks of me, I want my name to be good here.

1 John 3, if we aren’t careful, we can lose our unity and slay our brother. Unity and love can’t just be in you — it has to be abiding in you. The head has to be together. I’m thankful we are working in the unity of the Body of Christ!

Brother Aaron Suggs — Brother and Sister Wright are building a wonderful testament to what the Lord is doing there. It couldn’t have been easy all the time being down there away from the hub. That new building is the beginning of a new chapter — ready for God’s people to come in. It blessed me to see the ministry watching out for God’s people while we were there, and Brother Suggs calling to make sure everyone was taken care of and got to Georgia safely.

There’s people out there right now in the middle of their testimony — we’re getting ready to be the right influence!

Brother Gibbs — It takes brethren coming together to take the right mind. It’s the ministry’s job to take a restored perfect church to the Bride. Study the doctrine — not to have knowledge, but to save our souls. Jesus gave his life – now it’s our turn to give ours.

In John 17, if you manifest Jesus in your life, something is coming from you. They were one — into what was manifested into them.

It’s a blessing to see younger brethren get a hold of something. Looking forward to great things in the Body of Christ!

Brother Phil Phillips — I remember all those years ago when we got our metal building and it was lying on the ground outside. Elder LaFleur had everyone go outside and stand on it with faith and unity, and he told us — people are coming! Noah found grace out of all the people in his day, and God gave him time to do what they needed to do. We have time to do what we have to do.

My testimony: we’re moving out a live soul! Everywhere you go, the word will be spread and no one can squash it. It will not go out!

The carnal mind wants separation and division. Hold on to this. Like Jacob . . . hold on!

Brother Everett Gavin — It’s a great day to be alive to what God’s doing now! I am thankful to see Brother Wright has workers there. That’s what it’s going to take – workers.

In Hebrews 2:17, it’s about reconciliation and bringing a relationship back around to where it was.

2 Corinthians 5:19 – this is the road back to the father.

There is something about unity that you can see when something is pressed together and compact — you can toss it around and it doesn’t come apart. Peace comes with the same mind and judgment.

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  1. Weโ€™re still feasting off the wonderful Spirit and leading of the Lord Jesus Christ during that entire weekend. The ministry is stronger and truly living examples of what Christ taught about unity and building His Kingdom according to His righteous plan. We are humbled and thankful that we get to be a part of what God is doing in The Church at McDonough and in all of His churches, and we are looking forward to even greater days ahead.

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