Tomorrow, the Bridge is celebrating four years of waking up, saying good night, and hanging out with you!  You gave us the best birthday present by sharing the Bridge all those times and joining us on this journey – even from different parts of the world. Everyday we’re side hustling.  Thanks for being a part of it❤️

Have you ever read something—a book or the Bible—and raced to the ending . . . then found it lingered with you long after the last page or verse?

Many of the psalms, proverbs, and other Bible books are like that, but there is a particular scripture that seems uninvested in impressing us, but it is written in a manner with this rhythmic prose that offers easy answers in the midst of complexity.  If you’re going through something, this passage will grip you, move you, and bring your struggle to life.  If you let it inside, it will linger long after you read it.

Share this with a friend who’s fallen and risen back up to win — in the same breath.

It was during a Sunday night service back on January 12 that Brother Nobles mentioned how he loved turnaround scriptures, and he read this:


Eye on The Prize

Paul chose to live this life freely and to stay strong throughout.  He knew part of his apostle job description was suffering, but he didn’t let it get him down.  Sure, he would get knocked down (or nearly beheaded), but he got up again.  His credentials?  God called him and he would bring truth no matter what the cost.  He never lost his heart for God nor lied about the Word.

This is how Paul lived his life.  Just a hint, Corinthians.

And us, too 🙂

We Trust That Everyone Loves Getting Nuggets That Take Us Far Into Weeks Ahead

Check.  Brother Nobles gave us things that service to help us with our turnarounds.  We’re sharing some nuggets that will be there to help get you back in the fight when you get the breath knocked out of you.

It’s Been A While.  Can You Refresh My Memory?

Yes, but . . . let’s do it in one swoop.

We still have weakness of flesh to fight through, and if we ever want God’s mercy, we better be overcome with sorrow about what we’ve done . . . and meditation is good, but only after you pray, or your thinking will lean to carnality . . . pray first with a pure heart asking for peace and direction, and when He answers you, be ready if it’s you who needs to change . . . and make sure you’re doing natural things spiritually, and be cautious to not ever let the carnal nature lead you . . .  and always know where to run during a storm — find that shelter, that strong tower . . . no, it won’t change the conditions and storms of your life, but it will protect and change you . . . and let God know when you don’t understand and when you’re hurt, angry, sad, in despair — just tell Him . . . He didn’t take the thorn in Paul’s flesh away, but He told Paul His grace was sufficient, and Paul found great peace knowing God knew and was with him . . . and when you’re being blown around in a storm and you find yourself in a place of stillness, like in a car or on a commute — use that time to go to the Rock . . . and never, ever forget all He’s done for you and how He died for you, and most especially, that He Called You . . . and always remember living in your own pleasure only blinds you and causes you to slip farther . . . farther . . . and farther away . . . like that song we sometimes sing . . .

I was going down for the last time, no one heard my cry.
My voice was swiftly fading, drifting with the tide.
When a Hand from out of nowhere gently slipped in mine.
And I thank God He found me – just in time!
I don’t remember drifting, ’cause pleasure blinded me.
When careless winds start blowing, you drift so easily.
And storms made no exception and, friend, I sure had mine.
But I thank God He found me – just in time!
Just before the waves of slumber had rocked my soul to sleep.
Just before the angry billows had pulled me out too deep.
God knows how long I drifted when I saw that old Life Line.
And I thank God He found me – just in time!
(Song by Dottie Rambo)



  1. Powerful words to help face whatever this day may bring. As I look back down that road, I am so thankful for the many times God knew exactly what I needed, when I needed it. He has never let me down even though I have fallen short many times. His grace and mercy rescued me. HE CARRIED ME!

    Recently in meditation, the Lord expanded my understanding of “The Foot Prints in the Sand.” Those many times there was only one set of foot prints, when He carried me, He always carried me in the right direction. He made the necessary course corrections.

    I’m exited to hear more – looking forward to this weekend – expecting to receive more understanding and direction – and looking forward to the warmth of fellowship just being with God’s people! WE ARE SO VERY BLESSED!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Doing natural th things spiritually were the words to the wise the Elder gave us years ago that have resonated in our daily lives. We walk through this world, but we don’t have to buy into what it’s selling us. I thank the Lord that He found me just in time.

  3. Thank God for that wonderful message Bro. Nobles brought us, full of nuggets as Bro. Nick used to say! It gave me a deeper revelation on my walk with the Lord & encouraged me to study His word & meditate more so that I won’t let anything distract me from serving Him as I live my life & enjoy His blessings. Thank you, Sis. Lisa, for the Bridge posts!

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