In 2019 we started looking closer into the laver at ourselves.  It woke up people who have might have been asleep.  It opened our eyes to see who we’re fighting.  It was a renewing of the people of God to overcome more and more of our nature.

It’s 2020 and we are AWAKE to who we are and the enemy we’re fighting.  We’ve spent our whole lives in our head—now we’re setting boundaries and making a major overhaul to take on His mind.

With every meeting, we experience some incredible life-changing stories in every church.  We’re starting 2020 in McDonough, GA where services, and the ones to follow in local churches, will be powerful and uplifting as we set our eyes on Jesus and keep fighting to lay down our will and follow His.

We are so honored to be part of the Body of Christ.  If you feel like there just has to be more and you’re hungry for God, our services will keep you glued all the way through.  These meetings are equipping and exciting people everywhere to win and to make it!

You can feel it in the air—it’s going to be a great meeting!!!

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