What a SPECTACULAR weekend!!

It was an incredible way to spend the last weekend of 2019.  We are ending the year off refreshed and setting up the next season in strength.  Our last services of 2019 celebrated all God has done this year and left us excited for what’s to come in 2020.

Brother Nobles spoke full of enthusiasm telling us that being thankful, seeing ourselves, and applying what we’ve been taught will be a priority in every step, every decision, and every thing in our hearts and paths next year.

The Year 2019.  It’s all those people who have turned the tide when it was hard.  It’s all the prayers God answered.  It’s the truth of the word of God being shared every service.  It’s undeniable love we have for Him.  It’s the strong community we have with each other.  It’s those times when we said the name Jesus and it gave us power to keep going.  It’s understanding how thankfulness leads to peace, which has nothing to do with the absence of conflict but everything to do with living the Word.  It’s realizing joy in the world falls short, but His peace and joy remains—natural circumstances can’t take them from us.  It’s all the things we’ve learned about ourselves.  There are so many reasons to be grateful for this year and confident for what’s to come!

We’re linking our arms in faith as we work together believing for more of his spirit in our lives.  A day will come when you reach the end of you—when that day comes and your back is against a wall, you will need the holy spirit to lean on and to help you.  We believe we’re going to see major breakthroughs in 2020 because God is so good, his mercy endures, and he keeps his promises.

Let’s start a new beginning together!  Come this weekend and be expectant for what God has in store.  Bring your family and friends.  It’s going to be extraordinary—a new year, a new decade, and a new chapter is about to begin!!

So, who are you going to invite?!


New Year

Bonus highlights from the last weekend services in 2019

First Up . . . The Widow and an Unrighteous Judge.

There’s this judge who has no respect for God, or man, and a widow who keeps going to the judge asking him to avenge her of her enemy.  The judge would not.  After a while though, he decides in her favor, “lest by her continual coming she weary me.”

God wants to see in us a determination.  If we pray for something just a few times, it probably isn’t that important to us.  KEEP KNOCKING—God needs to see how important it is to you.

Next . . . Things Too Wonderful for Me

Do you ever wonder, “Lord, why did you call me?”  This truth–such knowledge is too wonderful for me.  Job 42:3 and Psalm 139:6

Try to wrap your brain around eternal life.  Our brain is finite.  We can’t comprehend infinite.  Romans 8:7 is there reminding us that our flesh is continually trying to rob us of the eternal life He already planted in our soul.

Then . . . The Battle

The whole thing is in your mind.  You can’t defeat a false enemy, and you can’t defeat something that is not there.  The whole overcoming process is internal.  We don’t have external battles.  Things around us don’t change—WE CHANGE.  Someone else isn’t defiling you–it’s your own thoughts.  Nothing is done without a thought, and these come from the heart (Matthew 15:14-19).  As far as other people?  Jesus said, “Let them alone.”  Don’t try to change people or conditions around you.  Change you.

What’s Coming in 2020 . . . People

There are more people God is going to add.  That’s why we’re busy preparing and talking so much about the Laver, aka the Bible.  Dive in deeper–you’ll see yourself.  Some of it will be great.  You’ll see the blessings and happiness that comes from serving God.  See those things and hold them close.  You will also see things you need to wash and clean up.  See them and when you’re sinking deep in this life, let His Word wash over you and cleanse your mind.

In this coming year, God is bringing us to the place to see how to apply these things we have been taught.

Redirecting Scriptures . . . To Yourself

In Proverbs 15, a soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.  God will not change our thinking.  We have to put in work to do that.  Internally, give yourself a soft answer so your thoughts do not stir up strife in yourself.  Changing your actions make you look good on the outside—but if you haven’t changed your thoughts—your inside is like dead men’s bones.

For When You’re Not feeling This Whole Workout Thing . . .

Here, read some Proverbs instead.

You will find yourself in the book of Proverbs.  Good and bad, you’ll see yourself in there.  It’s a book of wisdom, and its advice is extremely practical and concerned with the details of everyday life.  It deals with the struggles of human nature.

It covers everything.  If you’ve ever wondered if it’s okay to gorge yourself on honey until you throw up, Proverbs is the book for you.  (By the way, the answer is “no”, Proverbs 25:16.)

Even if you’ve never wondered about eating too much honey (which Solomon is using figuratively to show us something about ourselves), Proverbs has something to say to you.  It answers all the questions that people used to write in to Dear Abby and most important, it answers, “How should I live?”  More than any of that, Proverbs will free you by giving you the wisdom and tools you need to see yourself and overcome.







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