Happy Holidays!

As you’re finishing last minute preparations and enjoying family time, give yourself a gift:  peace.

Being thankful is more than words—it’s a spirit you have.

If you have no peace and you’ve lost your joy, it means you’ve lost your thankfulness.

Let’s plant the joy back in our hearts❤️

1.  Be thankful.

2.  Let peace come in.

3.  Build joy.

We wish you a happy holiday season!

gratitude quote on dusty black chalkboard

One thought on “A GRATEFUL HEART: More Than Words.

  1. I’m so thankful for the wonderful messages that have reminded me of what is truly important in my life. Gratitude to God for His many blessings, both small and great, makes every day brighter.
    “It’s a good life the Lord has given me,
    I don’t have to serve this world anymore,
    I have a family who cares
    And a Lord who never fails,
    Oh, praise His Name!
    I want to live my life for God”

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