Whoa (or is it woah), we’re halfway there — happy Wednesday!

Two days until you can surround yourselves with warm and cheerful faces of church family, friends, and community.

It’s the Christmas season and if you hate making the rounds, we have better choices.

For when your family asks when you’re going to get married or when you’re going to have kids . . .

Cause a diversion.  Invite them to Open House and we’ll help keep the conversations flowing so the whole family can enjoy the night.

Our Latest Adventure . . .

Brief spotlight on our amazing kids as they deliver their own compilation of three high-energy (and very extra happy) songs we know you will enjoy!
Hi students . . . you’re doing great.  You got this.
And . . .
We added a photo booth this year to capture some happy moments and maybe even a few giggles.  We hope friends and families group up (the more the merrier) and have some spontaneous fun together!
Have your phone ready and get creative.
Grab a prop, strike a pose, and share some laughs!
Keep Smiling . . .
We hear the gift table may have a Mr. Potato Head and that the photo booth is so a-peeling🤣.  The kids hope when they sing that you’re not just a spec-tater.  Open House is going to be a s-mash hit!  Enjoy every minute because time fries when you’re having fun!  HA! 😂  Stop it already.
Seriously, you make Open House time such a joy, and we are grateful to celebrate with you.
Be sure to bring someone along for this special open house night❤️


2 thoughts on “OPEN HOUSE: We Want To Share the Love and Joy

  1. Looking forward to Open House. It’s a good time for family and friends to gather and enjoy good fellowship and food. Come and enjoy.

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