We love the tradition of Thanksgiving and sitting around the table with family and friends making memories.  Thanksgiving reminds us to reflect on blessings.

As a church, we’ve been determined this year to develop a spirit of thankfulness and praise, and we can tell you, it completely changes your perspective.

What’s Better Than Those Awkward Thanksgiving Convos?

Gratitude to God.  It magnifies His majesty and brings our attention to what He’s done for us, but don’t you also cherish those times in prayer when you realize He’s a good God?  He gets us (after all, He was there when Adam fell).  He’s got big shoulders, and He’s okay when we struggle or ask questions because we don’t understand things that happen in this life.

He gave us His Word, and it’s there we see we’re not alone.  If you need extra inspiration:

David, how can you give thanks at a time like this?  Being hunted down, at his lowest, seeing all hope gone, David, time and time again in the psalms, gave thanks unto the Lord ‘for He is good and His mercies endure forever’.

Paul, how can you stand on the deck of a ship caught in a fierce storm with everyone around despairing at their world unraveling and tell them to be of good cheer?  Paul had a relationship with the Lord and God sent an angel to him to let him know it would be okay. 

That’s why Moses gave thanks on a dark night when the angel passed through to kill the first born and why Isaiah turned around to go back to Hezikiah to tell him he would live.

During persecution, the New testament saints went from house to house breaking bread and giving thanks.

1 Chronicles 16 tells us to give thanks and proclaim his greatness–let the world know all the wondrous things He has done.

Then there’s Elijah . . .

Elijah was human fighting the same flesh as we fight, but he had this unwavering faith and ability to just simply believe God would take care of him and answer his prayers.  He prayed, and God answered.  How was he thankful?  In everything God answered, he pointed the world and everyone back to GOD.

Know today that when there is panic in the streets or despair in your world, we have a message.  There’s no other plan, no other name in which we can be saved.

Remember That Service Brother Nobles Guaranteed Us That We Could Change Our Days and Our Life in a Huge Way?

Start your morning reading the Word, praying, and being thankful.

Worship is personal and one of the most wonderful things we can do to keep our sense of momentum going forward.  It brings newness.  There’s something beautiful about a church or individual who knows the power of clearing the heaviness of the air with God and getting out of yourself for those moments.

Truth releases praise.  When we believe the truth about God–when we get a greater revelation about who God is and what He’s doing, we can’t help but respond in worship.  A heart overflowing with gratitude and thanks results in praise.

Even in difficult times, gratitude has power.  We give thanks for the good and the bad because the bad works something in us that we learn contempt for this nature and hope for eternal life.

Remember those who are no longer here and honor any pain that comes up.  Know it’s okay to give ourselves room to heal and remember everything they taught us about living.

When You’re Done Filling Up on Turkey and Cranberry Sauce

This weekend is going to be another amazing weekend in church!  Make plans, gather your friends and everyone you know, and come expectant.

The veil was torn and we have access to God—and so much more!!!  Tag a friend.  Text someone you know and invite them!

We’d love to have you be a part of the family.

Happy Thanksgiving Church!



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  1. This was well said. Thank you to the Bridge staff who take time out of their busy schedules to write such wonderful and inspiring words.
    Starting your day with the Word and prayer will change your outlook on life so that when a curve ball is thrown your way, you will handle it with the right spirit. You will know who to turn to for answers and trust in Him more fully.
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

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