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We have exciting news!

God has been blessing our family and church in Georgia:

  • They moved into their new building!!!
  • They have a new name.  The Church at Atlanta is now “The Church at McDonough”.

What a significant step for God’s Church as we are all preparing to welcome more people that He is calling.  Visitors are walking into our services knowing something feels different here, and right.  What a blessing to see eyes opened and paths changed (just as ours was) one life at a time as people come in and connect powerfully with the spirit of God and truth of the Word.

It’s not just a new building and name—we’re grateful for this season and what’s ahead for The Church at McDonough!  Right now, something is bubbling underneath and we can’t explain it, except we’re feeling something special that God is going to do.

Way to go Brother and Sister Wright and saints in Georgia!  Our whole family is rejoicing and happy!


  1. We’re extremely excited about this new season the Lord has brought us to. As we continue to follow His Word, His Spirit, and His ministry, we know He will continue to bless and keep us all.

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