The Connersville video marathon is amazing.  We’re not just saying that.

The best is always yet to come—these are the days of His gathering and outpouring.

The days of His latter rain and outpouring will be greater than anything we have ever witnessed.  The church’s finest hours are upon us as we carry the torch handed to us from the early rain saints.

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One thought on “BEHOLD, HE IS HERE

  1. We are truly a BLESSED PEOPLE!! It was an outstanding meeting of The Body of Christ, right here in Connersville. Since I first met His Body, I have longed for us to have a meeting here. Although we are small in number, we are ALIVE to HIS SPIRIT, and He has done GREAT THINGS for His People. I can feel that I have moved up higher in Christ since this important meeting. I am striving for perfection, striving to overcome this carnal nature, as ‘I press toward the mark for the prize of the HIGH CALLING of God in Christ Jesus.’ Philippians 3:14 (KJV)
    This is an awesome video, and it makes me want to continue to RISE UP, and BUILD even more. We have received even more armour to combat the “Bully”. Praise God for His Son Jesus, who bore our sins, and died on a cross, so that we might have life eternal!! We have been given the tools to OVERCOME this old man. Let us take on more of the New Man, and continue to Rise Up, as we Move Forward!! I am so excited, and ready for even more Truth. We are Winners, and We Can Make It!! I love you all.
    Sis. Mary Ann Poe

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