We hope that our Onslow Christian Academy (OCA) family had a wonderful summer break.  School bells are ringing and families and teachers are getting everything together to ensure students have a smooth transition from summertime to school time.

We hope you all enjoyed a summer full of fun and memory making with family and friends.

Paging Everyone

Join us.  Rally around our students to let them know they have a HUGE family in their corner rooting for them and praying for them to succeed.  Let them know we’re here if they need someone to talk to, a hug, or some encouraging words.  Our teachers and families make great sacrifices to be there every day—let them know we’ve got their backs.

Drop a line of encouragement or a scripture.  Together, we can set the stage for a productive, prosperous year!

In Case You Forgot How to Start Your Morning

We’re here to help keep you on track.

Little Moments Like These

Do not miss the video at the end.  It has highlights from last year and could not be any cuter.

Share this with a student who’s never fully dressed without a smile 🙂

Pray for our students and teachers this year, not just to have an educationally successful year, but a spiritually successful year.  -Brother Nobles

Dreams Do Come True

Elder LaFleur founded OCA.  His dream for our children was to have a school that would cultivate their God-given gifts and talents, provide biblical instruction, open service opportunities allowing students to be part of building the church, model the right influences, and surround them with spiritual fellowship.  These moments allow young people to see their purpose, value, and identity not through the lens of the world, but through the eyes of God.  Elder was about pursuing academic excellence for each child, knowing that individual excellence cannot be defined by a one-size-fits-all approach.

In Everything, JESUS . . . With Everything, JESUS.

From then until now, the leadership and staff of OCA understands that if we point our young people to Jesus and allow Him to shape their lives and hearts, that He can do in a moment what we couldn’t do in a lifetime.  We are ever and always pointing them UP to God’s way and truth.

We believe in a Christian education that seeks to impart spiritual understanding and wisdom for life and an education that sets up graduates for academic success in college or whatever direction they go.  The spiritual understanding and wisdom our children receive in this school is worth everything.

We Stopped Waiting and Started Developing

Young people are just waiting for you to unearth their potential.  Students have a wealth of abilities—identify them, believe in them, and teach them.  Be generous with your encouragement, time, and wisdom because children are worth our investment.

Our youth are literally the next generation coming up through the Church, so it’s massively important to pour into them the spirit of God, teach them the truth, ground them on the foundation, and provide teachings that lead them to overcome.  These principles bring out of each one a strong Christian character to ensure the Church moves from strength to strength.

Just Do What You Do, and Let Young People In On It

Outside of the classroom, our kids and students learn to work and be alongside the rest of our church—on teams, church services, and whatever is going on at the time.  Sometimes, the most valuable lessons are learned in a way that is natural and organic.

Thank You.  Thank You Very Much.

Brother Nobles, leadership, administration, teachers, and staff—you are the reasons we are blessed to keep the doors open.  God has given us such a seasoned group of teachers to support each student each step of the way in the most loving way.  We have a community of friendship and love, but we also include the words “commitment” and “accountability”.

Our leadership and teachers deserve our prayers, respect, honor, and acts of kindness for their devotion and dedication to our children.

Hat Tip

Thank you for ALL who are committed to our school and for sharing in our mutual desire for OCA to be the best school it can be for God’s children.

Thank you to the parents who step up by supporting and partnering with us in educating your children and equipping them with tools they need to go out on their own and reach their dreams—with God on their side.

What an honor and a blessing it is to work together—parents, teachers, and students—in this endeavor.

Hello, Students

We are excited to have each of you.  We look forward to loving you, challenging you, and inspiring you during this year!

Students, trust that God will use you greatly as you take on new challenges in 2019-2020, and ask Him to help you with every activity, lesson, and exam.

It’s a privilege to attend and teach at OCA, and we are praying for an awesome year!

A Few Milestones

OCA welcomes a new student:

Philip Mathis

Three students will be saying ‘goodbye high-school yearbook’ in 2020:

Olivia James
Kaitlyn Smith
Dylan Shepard

Hello, Junior High.  Welcome three seventh graders downstairs:

Emma Kinsey
Gabrielle LaFleur
Austin Thomas

We hope everyone has a great first week of school!


5 thoughts on “WELCOME BACK, EAGLES!

  1. I am thankful for the vision Elder LaFleur had for a school. After all these years, it is going strong, educating our young people and they are going on to college to better themselves with better jobs. The students love the Lord and work very hard. Have you talked to any of them? They are also fun to talk with. To learn what they are looking for after school, to getting their license and what they are just thinking about. I am thankful for this school and always will be.

  2. I am so thankful to be a part of such an amazing group of staff and students. I love spending my days with all of you!

  3. Every day I’m at OCA volunteering, I learn more about each student, how to help them learn and engage with them along the way. You are right, Sister Lisa, no two are the same and they all learn differently. I’m thankful your Dad, our Elder, believed in it’s importance and that my children, as well as myself and many others, have this valuable opportunity! So glad to be an Alumni from OCA.

  4. I’m very thankful of the people who love God and love our kids to take the time to teach them how important God is in their life and getting the right influence they need.It is a true blessing indeed.My some Matthew loves it there ….Math not so much LoL but we’re working on it .,..

  5. I love the school and the lasting impact it has had on our son and all the alumni. “Thank you” seems an inadequate response to the love and sacrifice the staff extends to the children. God bless Elder Lafleur for his obedience and vision that have reaped such benefits!

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