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We know, we know.  The last hours of the weekend are here, but we are making the very best spending ours with all things God.  We can go back to good feelings instead of stressful Monday worries.

Lives are Shaped.

One of the best things about a convention is that it is a change of pace.  Something special always happens in an environment away from the routine and the pressures and distractions of everyday life.  People encounter God and have experiences like never before.  What can take days, months, and even years can take place in a MOMENT at a meeting where the Body of Christ is gathered under one roof.

People returned to their local churches with deeper understandings of what God is doing in the church and their personal lives.  They returned elevated, with their eyes opened.

What better way to see how people are growing and flourishing and all the ways God is blessing than to hear them testify?  Elder always taught us:  when you testify, you are representing God and what He has done for you.  Make sure you get that across in a way that people understand what you are saying, in a manner that encourages others, and in a language that gives God the glory.

Clear eyes, full hearts, people are telling us what God did for them in Connersville.

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Brother Nobles made a simple statement that made me think:  What is holding you back?  Complacency is our enemy.  The Holy Ghost came in like a tsunami.  This was a landmark meeting in my life, and I want to be steadfast and immovable.  -Sister Deborah Wadleigh
It was a blessing to see the work that Brother and Sister Gill have done through the years and their labor and love to accommodate the people of God.  I’m thankful for what Brother Patrick said about leveling up and what Brother Wright said about the bully and not letting it win.  Usually you don’t like bullies, but we like this bully.  I’m looking forward to October!  -Sister Sandy Nobles
I had so much fun traveling–we were the Golden Girls.  When I got there, everyone knew me and greeted me as Sister Hazel.  I felt so welcome that they knew who I was.  I give honor to all the Brethren.  Each minister left me with something.  Brother Nobles’ message was powerful:  Don’t lose your peace / Change your mind / The song, “When I Think of the Goodness of Jesus”.  Brother Patrick:  Level up / You have to know where you are / Say Yes!!  Then work it out later.  Brother Wright:  It’s time to beat this bully / There has to be a beat down before you can go higher / Get out of that 5/10 bully club.  Brother Bean:  God never went backwards.  Brother Suggs:  Come up a little higher / If you don’t love God with all your heart, the bully has you / LET IT GO!!  Brother Gibbs:  I’ve got a hold of something, and it has a hold of me.  –Sister Hazel Ethel
What I felt there is not the same spirit as out in religion.  The same spirit here at the Church at Onslow was in Indiana.  As soon as I stepped out, I felt–these are family.  Brother Nobles spoke about your calling here.  I’ve been through some things and I can say the Lord will never leave or forsake you.  I’m so grateful I could see His love.  Seeking the Body of Christ, I felt the love of God here, and my eyes were opened to His people.  We came to the meeting expecting and God delivered!  -Brother Chris
As Brother Bean said, “With servitude comes gratitude.”  We’re not doing this just for us.  There are people out there like Brother Chris, looking for God.  We have the opportunity here to keep growing into perfection.  It’s a joy to serve the Lord, and it is not going out of our way.  It is a pleasure and blessing to do things for God’s people.  I like the Lord for who He is.  It shows me who I can be, and I like being like the Lord.  –Sister Joyce Gibbs
It was so nice to fellowship on the road trip traveling and so good to see the spirit there–it’s family.  I appreciate going bowling and spending that time and fellowship with Brother Lester and Sister Maryann Poe.  Something I got from the meeting:  What am I doing that’s gonna glorify God?  I prayed God would make a way for work and for me to get there, and I’m thankful for the teachings to know it’s me that I’m fighting.  –Sister Jessica
It was my first time in Connersville.  They met us at the door, and Brother and Sister Gill were walking around welcoming us.  I’m thankful for the spirit there and the freedom that flooded through the whole ministry.  They did a magnificent job!  I was crying and so happy and thrilled at what I saw—it was so much more than I ever expected.  I appreciate all the labor and hard work that went into the services and the fellowship.  –Sister Etta Bell
I appreciate the Lord for taking care of my mom during the meeting.  The spirit in the church was so strong–I felt like I could fly and that all things are possible!  If you were dead, it could resurrect you.  You didn’t have to put any effort; it was flowing and surrounding everyone.  It’s better than any fairy tale the world could write.  It is REAL.  It’s a life changer!  –Sister Gail Black
I miraculously got to go to this meeting.  I will never give up trying to overcome that bully.  I had such a good time with my sisters.  –Sister Ariana
I kept asking God to make a way for me to go to this meeting.  I was also praying for a job and didn’t know if it would all happen at the same time, but the Lord worked it out.  I went to the meeting and came back and got the job I had been praying for.  I could say it just happened, but it didn’t.  God did it and blessed me.  Something happened to me in Connersville.  Something has changed in my mind.  I feel like I have been elevated.  –Sister Kelsey Pate
For the church to be elevated, we have to individually be elevated.  I don’t want to be left behind when the church elevates.  The spirit and the saints there were wonderful.  When you put forth that effort to go, God meets you and makes a way.  Can’t wait until October!  –Sister Trecinda Kinsey
Just tell yourself you’re going, and go.  It was a great meeting!  I went there and got what I was going for.  During a song, I went up for prayer at the altar and was speaking in tongues.  I backed up and was still speaking in tongues.  Watching a sister at the altar–just to see what happened and the Lord on that person so heavy–you cannot doubt it.  I’m thankful you can see God working in someone’s life and see Him draw them to Him. I’m thankful we are like in 1 Peter 2:9, a peculiar people:  “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.”  I love you all.  –Brother JaQuel Gavin
It’s amazing we were all in the same room and captured a little something different, but came out with the same point.  We’re on the same foundation, stepping up.  We’re gonna build that house.  In that meeting, we defied gravity, and we are still elevated!  –Brother Bobby Wadleigh
I’m thankful to walk in the same spirit and same love and for the ministry teaching us how to climb up higher.  We’re not allowing the bully to keep us from leveling up.  I appreciate everyone for going to see my mom.  When you can’t be at church, it’s so good to see people get their love to you.  –Sister Rachel Shepard
I woke at 4:00 this morning because I was crying to the Lord so thankful I got to go to the meeting.  That word “bully” really stuck in my mind and how it makes you think of another way to defeat the old man.  I’ve beat myself up over the years.   When I go to the altar, God pours His spirit on me and I’ve prayed for it to be not so strong, but it’s even stronger.  I’m so thankful my children are here.  It’s not about everyone around us–it’s about understanding what God has done for us.  I don’t want to be here and be checked out.  We can’t allow anything in the natural to interfere.  I want love and forgiveness, and they come with growth.  I appreciate riding with Brother Shannon and Sister Mindy.  The four of us started crying on our way to church.  I can’t contain this joy I have inside.  I’m thankful for my husband, children, and saints of God.  You are all so wonderful to me!  –Sister Kendra Gavin



  1. It was a miraculous meeting! God did things and is still doing things to change us from it. The ministry is blessing us with everything God gives them. Thankfully, we have a firm foundation that can’t be washed away when the tide comes in, or the bullies try!

  2. This meeting was truly a life changing experience. The word of God with true understanding of how to apply it to my life was planted by ministry, each minister planted seeds of hope, strength, confidence, freedom to be able to live in Christ and not in myself. God’s wonderful spirit watered those seeds and they are sprouting. It my job to keep them both feed and watered and protect them from my old man who wants to choke them out with seeds of doubt, fear, and compliancy. We also received tools from the word of God to keep our mind weed free from the thoughts of the this bully who tries to intimidate us thru fear, and doubt, but with continuous, determinate and relentless diligence our fruit can grow into maturity in Christ and we will God precious fruit.

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