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What incredible posts we’ve had so far!  We’re looking forward to the next one and the next one.  For when everyone is talking about an article you didn’t read, there’s still plenty of time to catch up over here.

If you’re just singing songs and hearing sermons with well put together words, but it doesn’t really feel like the truth, it isn’t building you.  It’s such a waste.

Men of God have something that’s going to help us, something that strengthens us to our core, something strong in the Word—not empty words.  They give us something that’s like a rock and that builds iron into our backbone and strength into our soul.  God has a ministry who is doing that for people, and if you have the choice and long for something real, seek more.  Trust Him to take you where you need to be.  When you get there, it’s going to be fantastic.

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By Brother John Shepard

Here on The Bridge we’re still talking about the wonderful time in the Lord that we experienced in Connersville, Indiana.  If this is your first time joining us—Welcome!  If you are a regular, then you already know that our goal is to try to convey to you the great things that the Lord is doing in the church as a whole, as well as in our own personal lives.

If You’re Passionate About Encouraging Others, Sharing Your Heart, and Raising Up the Message God is Giving Through His Ministry

If you read something on here that touches you, or adds a little more encouragement to your day, feel free to use the “comment” section and let others know.  Testimonies are powerful and can help others more than you may think.

Back to the Convention in Connersville

If you haven’t already read the previous posts by Brother Bobby and Sister Trecinda, then you definitely should.  If you were not able to be there in person, then reading their accounts will put you directly in the middle of it.  I’m grateful that I was able to be there in person.  I don’t know exactly how to explain it, but each convention gets progressively better and the spirit you feel gets sweeter.  The presence of the Lord meets us in each one as if He is saying that He is well-pleased and is putting a stamp of approval on what we’re doing.  We are truly blessed!

Getting Our Love to Each Other

Brother and Sister Gill and the wonderful saints of God put great efforts into creating a welcoming atmosphere for the rest of us to enjoy.  They’ve spent the last several weeks working on making the building even more beautiful inside and out, working on the parking lot, updating the bathrooms, and even installing some new video monitors to make it more convenient on everyone.  Their labors and their welcoming spirits were very appreciated and did not go unnoticed.  Through the years we’ve been taught by a man of God and a God-called ministry how to get our love to each other, and seeing all of those teachings put into action is a very special thing to be a part of.

The Biggest Thank You to the Army of People Who Served

Brother Gary and Sister Sharon opened up their beautiful home for a fellowship that was so comfortable and easy-going that it was difficult to leave.  We can appreciate the amount of work that goes into something like that and to all those involved in preparing food, moving tables and chairs, cooking on the grills, and cleaning up afterwards, you’re efforts were well worth it.

Watching the Kingdom of Heaven Go Forward

Great excitement was felt through the testimonies that we heard on the opening night.  The singers and the band showed up ready to work and exhort.  God was pouring out his spirit and those present who didn’t allow “their bully” to hold them back received a great touch from the Lord.  God used his ministry in a mighty way to further explain the battle that we are fighting and not only how to fight it, but also how to win.

Brother Nobles explained to us that God’s perfection is not just something that we can attain, but that we must strive for.

Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.  -Matthew 5:48 

We learned more through the scriptures about where the Church is, what it is supposed to look like, and what some of the characteristics are that define it.

By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.  -John 13:35

We absolutely leveled up and by the testimonies that we heard when we returned to our home assemblies, we are not coming down.  I can’t encourage you enough to put all your efforts into being in these meetings.  I know that DVDs and CDs are the next best thing, but they cannot wrap their arms around you like your brothers and sisters can in person.  It’s something you don’t want to miss out on.

The next opportunity to reconvene generally will be:

The Church at Onslow, October 17-20, 2019.

Don’t wait for a general meeting to build excitement.  Start in your local assemblies in the meantime, and just imagine what could happen in October!!

God is moving His Church on, so let’s do our part to be right there in the middle of it!

I can’t wait to see you there!!!

2 thoughts on “FROM THE HEART: “Together Elevating in Truth and Unity”

  1. Thank you Bro John, for your post about our recent meeting in Connersville. I also wanted to thank you for the wisdom you imparted to us as you stood to take prayer request. How we don’t have to look down at the steps on a staircase as we make that climb because the building code requires each rise to be uniform. We can take each step with “CONFIDENCE” as we rise to the next level. And “RISE WE DID” as each man of God stood to his feet to feed us what God had given him. We were schooled in the physics of how it takes downward energy “THE BEAT DOWN” in order to “LEVEL UP.” I can say with “CONFIDENCE” that I will have a greater appreciation for the skill of this ministry to read the blue print and build without taking short cuts or making changes to “HIS PLAN” so that we don’t get “TRIPPED UP” as we climb higher and higher!!!!!

  2. Elder LaFleur taught & preached the foundation that we are built on. He showed us that it takes revelation to see & to be in the Body of Christ. It takes the pure word of God to show us how we must take on the very nature of Christ if we hope to overcome & be a part of His Bride! Our ministry today is preaching the same thing. I appreciate the testimonies “From the Heart”. They reflect a church that is moving on! Thank God for the Connersville General Meeting & how we are all being “elevated” & “leveling up”! I am blessed by a ministry that is United to stand together & preach the word of God & to love His people!

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