Brother Robert Wadleigh is sharing great things that happened at the Connersville Convention, and he’s talking about the Church being ready to rise up!

Near the end, he refers to Brother Gibbs reading 1 Kings 18:41.  Since Elijah is one of our favorite prophets on The Bridge, we’re including a quick background for reference:

There’s a drought.  Ahab sends Obadiah to look for Elijah.  As Obadiah is looking, he runs into Elijah and falls on his face.  Elijah tells Obadiah to go tell Ahab he found him.  Obadiah’s like, “Are you kidding me?  If I leave, the Spirit will whisk you away somewhere, and Ahab will kill me.”  Elijah says, “No man, don’t worry, I’ll stay put.”  Obadiah goes to tell Ahab, who comes running, “So you’re the guy giving us all this trouble with the drought?”  Elijah answers, “You’re the one who caused all this trouble when you forsook God’s commandments and decided to worship Baal, fool.”  Elijah proposes a contest to settle it (read 1 Kings 18:19-40).  When the contest is over, Elijah tells Ahab:  Get thee up, head on home and eat and drink because it looks like rain. 

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By Brother Robert Wadleigh

When the Body of Christ holds a meeting, the world doesn’t stop.  The stock market continues to go up and down.  Politicians still sling mud.  For most, it’s just another day, but it is far from just another day.

When the Body of Christ Gathers, All of Heaven Takes Notice.

When the ministry went to Atlanta last winter, I wrote an article, Traveling Shoes.  Since then, we have flown to Riverside, California and driven to Connersville, Indiana—so, our travels have not stopped.  In this meeting we heard not only that our natural journey will continue, but also spiritually, we have to step up to another level.

Don’t worry, I’m not even going to attempt to share the entire meeting with you, but I hope to give you a sense of the excitement we feel about where we are, where we are headed, and how we can get there.

From When The First Note was Sung

. . . the spirit of God filled the room, and it never left.  Brother Nobles challenged us not to hold back on what God wanted us to have and said, “For the church to rise up, the individuals in the church have to elevate.”

From the testimonies that followed, it was obvious, the church came ready to rise up.

We Know Where We Stand

Brother Nobles opened up on Friday by reminding us we are on the foundation established by Jesus, cleaned off by Brother Sowders, and passionately held to by Elder LaFleur.  He pointed out that a house cannot be built if the foundation is constantly rebuilt or added to.  He said, “We need to finish the house.”

The house he was referring to is the church, but as he alluded to Thursday night, in order for the church to rise, the individuals that make up the church have to elevate.

What Challenged Me to Step Up

Here are a couple notes I took while Brother Nobles was speaking that challenged me to step up:

  • When times get tough do you back away or do you lean in?
  • This way is simple, but it’s not easy.
  • Temptation doesn’t come from the person offering a thing, it comes from your inner desire to accept it.
  • If you can’t be tried, you can’t be trusted.

The Ministry Went to Work Building on that Foundation

Brother Patrick — helped us elevate from faith-to-faith, from glory-to-glory, and from strength-to-strength—each one being a little higher than where you were before.  Level up!

Brother Wright — used his experiences in a sometimes comical way to paint a picture of the inner struggle we have with who he called “the bully”.  He helped us see in order step up we have to defy gravity and put downward force on “the bully”.

Brother Bean — continued and told us we were in the highest place on the earth.  He went on the show us the Body of Christ.  He described it as being a secret place that is shown by revelation and said, “It doesn’t matter what they say about us, we have to know who and where we are.”

Brother Suggs — expounded on the love you find in the Body of Christ.  God’s love is a weapon we can use to put down “the bully”.

Brother Gibbs — closed it out with a reminder we are in the church that will produce overcomers, and as 1 Kings 18:41 says, “It is up to us to Get thee up!”

And Elijah said unto Ahab, Get thee up, eat and drink; for there is a sound of abundance of rain.  1 Kings 18:41

For the entire meeting, every song, every testimony, every speaker, the fellowship, the food and the facilities were perfect.

I believe God had His way in Connersville.

I believe the Church and it’s people will rise because of what they heard and felt.

If you missed this meeting, don’t worry, put on your traveling shoes and come see us at the Church at Onslow in October.

Level Up!

2 thoughts on “FROM THE HEART: “Rise Up and Come Away”

  1. This was an awesome meeting.
    What a great time in the Lord, from the music, the tessamonees, and the preching of the truth of the word of God.
    The spirit we felt was so amazing and strong, words can’t express the experience we are so looking forward to to the October meeting and everything else in between, the Lord has elevated his church let us keep moving Up and forward. stay encourage
    Level Up.

  2. I love how perfectly God’s ministry has always worked on the same foundation in order to instruct and elevate the church. I wish I could’ve been there but these wonderful reports and the CDs of the meeting are the next best thing.

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