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Who’s got your back?  The Bridge does.

You’re not seeing double.  The Bridge is twinning with posts about Our Journey.  Cue a flashback to your teens or early twenties, or whenever you first remember God directing your path.

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God’s Wanting to do Something.   This is your time.  We’re here and you’re here . . . by no coincidence.

Paging the Battle Weary

We’ve set up camp in Romans 8 this year, but this past Sunday night it got a lot more interesting.  If we’ve learned anything from that chapter, it’s that this battle we’re fighting is long-term, until our last breath, until the very end.  Because it lasts our whole life, it can get wearisome.  Brother Nobles said when we get weary, remind ourselves:  we didn’t just stumble in here, and our path just didn’t happen to end up here.

This reminder helps . . . how?

Your Own Journey is a Story Worth Telling—Even to Yourself.

Meditate on your journey.  It opens the door for God to speak to you in a fresh, new personal way that will revive your heart as you see all the infinite possibilities that could have happened in your life and taken you somewhere else—but didn’t.


God Chose You.

Our stories and journeys are truly transformational and an example of how God chose us.  Hearing someone’s testimony of unusual circumstances that popped up, changes in plans, and unlikely events along their path—and how each played a part in how they got here—is an opportunity to watch God make a way in someone’s life.  That’s extraordinary!

The Unique Roadmap That Has Been Your Life

. . .  distinct and unlike any other individual’s on this earth.

It really helps when you can see God at work in your life.  What doors opened?  What roadblocks did you encounter along the way?  What events happened that changed your direction?

Look back over the years and see God at work in your life.  Reflect on the long journey that was yours, that took you toward Him, discovering His way, and your realization that He was all you needed.

Bringing It Back

What happened in your life that turned you 180 degrees, caused you to have to work it out, and made you come to yourself?  When we understand that God chose us, we will also see how He gives people a chance to work it out.  When we can look back and see God’s hand the whole time—through highs, lows, and everything—we will connect more powerfully with what it means to follow Jesus and the magnitude of all God has done to get us this far.

When You’re Tired, But the Battle Rages

Identifying our enemy enables us to start fighting the right enemy.  The stronger we understand our identity in Christ—how much God loves us and how He led us each down a different path for one reason, to get us here-–the more our confidence grows.  This concept is monumental to grasp.

Identifying who we are (God-chosen) and how He intervened in our lives will revive the fight in us when it’s not as easy to swing the sword as it once was.

Shhh.  I’m meditating . . .

I’m Ready to Start Fighting Again

What did God do to stir you towards Him?

The more you fall in love with the Lord the less you care about what the world says.  Never forget how God waited for you—how at just the right time in your journey, he chose to put someone there to have that conversation with you.  He knew it needed to be at the right time, in the right way, and the right place, and through the right relationship.  He knew when it would have a huge pull on your heart.

Count Him In

Fighting is a process that involves taking up our cross, denying ourselves, and following Jesus daily.  It’s a process that involves humility and surrendering time and time again.  It’s impossible without seeing that God is the one who chose you, and that just as He showed up at all the right times in your life before, He will certainly be there time and time again now—when you need Him most to win this war. 

God is the one who knows us from the beginning of our path and will be with us until the end.

He’s the only journey worth taking <3


3 thoughts on “OUR JOURNEY: The Power of Reflecting

  1. These blog posts always uplift and encourage me. I look forward to reading everyone of them, and gaining new insight from God through His ministry. This is such a good reminder that God called us on purpose, with a purpose and for a purpose.

  2. Thank you for reminding me to look backward for the inspiration to keep striving and moving forward!

  3. I am so very THANKFUL for the messages that God has given this ministry to deliver to us. We are growing! In sharing with my family I know we are excited about where we are today and where God brought us from and how HIS hand has orchestrated events in our lives to direct us – ON PURPOSE, WITH A PURPOSE AND FOR A PURPOSE!!!

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