The. Suspense. Is. Killing. Me.

It’s here—the third Riverside Meeting post and Fellowship video!

So . . . we hope you like hanging out with us as much as we like having you here.  What excites us is how much we still have in store, so stick around!

Can we just say that one of the best parts of our meetings is that we always reserve plenty of time for fun, food, and fellowship?  Traveling together to different parts of the country to attend meetings is always an adventure, and we end up at some pretty cool locations to fellowship.

This post celebrates good friends and good times.  Just what we needed to start the weekend.

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Find Your People

As a church, we hang out regularly together—and almost always around food!  Fellowships are a perfect time to build relationships, and it’s here that the family dynamic within a church can really be ignited.

Like-minded people are drawn to each other, and the attitudes of those you spend time with tend to rub off on you.  When it comes to friendships, who you keep company with matters a great deal.  Who we choose as our friends is so very important.  Friends carry weight and influence in our lives—they can build us up and take us forward.  Do you have these kinds of friendships?  Are you sowing these friendships?  Are you keeping good company?

Maybe there are some friendships in your life that are a negative influence . . . you may need to leave those behind.  Pursue Godly friends who will help build your life and take you forward—you become the company you keep.  Pray for relationships that refresh, encourage, and inspire—and in turn, pray we learn to be the type of friend who enriches the lives of others.

When you find God’s people, we’re not perfect, but we’re willing to not walk away when the going gets tough.  We strive to work through what’s needed to love each other.  That’s rare.

We’re a Family Passionate About God and His House

When it comes to mingling with God’s people, there’s also that hidden gem:  pre-service and post-service fellowshipping.

People look forward to the get-togethers during meetings.  They’re fun times of food, real fellowship, and then everyone heads off to the next service lifted up and ready to point people to Jesus!

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