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Let’s Keep This Going

We’re sharing another video of good things the Lord did during the Riverside, California meeting.  Pictures tell a story and capture history in a way words cannot.  Every photo is a visual testimony of our church:  His power, our fellowship, our love, His goodness.

Words and photos work together to tell our story and represent what we do in the truest form and become gifts from the past.  Whether you were there, or are an onlooker, there’s something satisfying and enjoyable about reading past notes or articles, looking at photos remembering friends and important moments, and watching videos that re-tell fun adventures or reminisce good times.

God is Doing Great Things in our Meetings, But We Didn’t Arrive Here Overnight.

Our church has been blessed beyond measure to have the leadership we do.  We’re thankful that Brother Nobles is leading the way and continuing to take us on down the road (where Elder left off) toward eternal life.  We’re thankful that Elder paved this way so many years ago.  That’s how we got here and how we’re still going.

As a church, we’ve learned some incredibly valuable lessons through that time, which left us believing more than ever in the power of prayer, going the distance using what God gives us, and the importance of being builders—because God’s church and great meetings weren’t built in one day.

We’ve Learned So Much, and We’re Trying to Be Cool About It.

Elder taught us to not get hung up on what we don’t have, but work with what we have.  We’ll always have more vision than resources, but what’s in our hand right now?  Elder knew limited resources were a breeding ground for creativity and resourcefulness and once we gave God all we had, He’d take it and make it something that helped the people.

Elder looked inside our own church.  What are its strengths?  He began to build on those strengths, and he grew a stronger church, a stronger core of people.  It sounds simple, but it’s so easy to overlook areas that could be built on when we are busy looking at what other churches have that we don’t.  Elder wanted nothing that God didn’t give him.  Period.

Look Around.  Inspiration is Everywhere—Are We Tapping Into What God Has Put Before Us?

Back in the early days, if Sister Jean had looked around in church and saw what we didn’t have for a music team, she might have given up, and that part of our church service would have suffered.  But she didn’t.  At the time, maybe God hadn’t sent us a bass guitar player, but we did have a great acoustic guitar player.  Elder taught us to build on the strengths we had—let each team at our church be unique (we didn’t have what some bigger churches had that we fellowshipped back then).  In doing that, God would help us grow a stronger team.  He also believed in building into the right people, not just the convenient ones.  The most important thing to Elder wasn’t always the prettiest song or the best instrumental soloist.  It all hinged on one question:  what is needed in this service?

These principles taught us something as a church.

Never Underestimate What Can be Built When You’re Willing to Sow What God Wants 

. . . and in His time.  It doesn’t come without a LOT of time, energy, and sacrifice.

Elder kept a clear vision of what God called him to build, and he invested in the people that carried the same vision, and there were many times that decision trumped talent.  Time and time again, we’ve watched people without much experience or skill who are leading and helping shape others—because they came with absolutely willing hearts, and no talent man has can hold a candle to that.

What Makes it So Special?

Our singers aren’t just singing the song . . . they’re worshiping.  Our band isn’t just playing the right parts or notes . . . they’re leading people into the presence of God.  Whether we testify, create music, sing, write, or take photos—whatever we do—we are all working together for the same outcome by using what’s in our hand to help spread the message that’s coming from the pulpit.  Each gift should reflect depth and authenticity and be an overflow of what the Ministry is teaching.  The more we grow, the more we can serve the right way.

Whatever calling or job we are doing—Let’s Get Better Together!

Maybe the Most Valuable Single Lesson From Elder . . .

Don’t miss out on what God is doing because you’re looking for all the wrong things.  People think that God isn’t speaking to them because they’re expecting to hear a loud, unmistakable, and magnificent voice.  Meanwhile, just be quiet, lean in, and listen for that “still small voice”.  It’s been trying to reach you.

Think About What You’re Singing and Praying.  God Might Answer You. 

Open your heart to see where Jesus is leading.  He’s not always in the places that you think look like Him.  But if He’s calling you, He will knock on your door.  Jesus knocks on the door and calls people from all walks of life.  They not only come from the highest of highs, but some come from absolute rock bottom.

Do you feel an empty space in your life?  People think they need one person, the right person, and all that empty space will be filled, but no one in the world is big enough for that.  Jesus is.  His truth is for the triumphant and the hopeless, the strong and the weak—and it’s worth the price.

. . . neither will I offer burnt offerings unto the Lord my God of that which doth cost me nothing.  2 Samuel 24:24

We meet so many incredible people in the Body of Christ.  Those who are celebrating the goodness of God, and those who are clinging on to the goodness of God through really difficult circumstances—ALL with open hearts and expectation for what God will do next.

Meetings are only going to get more powerful as God’s Church grows!!!




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