Don’t Miss “Acts, A City Rising!!!

For cast and crew, this will be one of the most memorable productions and inspiring musicals of all time.  With unforgettable songs, the powerful and poignant message of Acts, and fine storytelling from Luke, it has become one of our closest times spent as a group.  The apostles and saints challenge each of us to continue the struggle to defeat our greatest enemy and remind us of the hope and power of Jesus in a time of tension, challenges, and division all around.

I am so proud of our young people as they have taken on these important roles to portray and serious subject matter with such enthusiasm and integrity.  They never cease to amaze me!  The cast succeeds in showing us how the apostles and saints were people just like us.  Bringing the beloved saints from Acts to life on stage unveils the message of Acts that lies deep in all of us.

“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”

I’m sure you would agree that friendships and the people our youth surround themselves with, can be ‘make or break’ when it comes to their future.  Young people want to belong and feel part of something.  Everyone longs for authentic and genuine friends, and I love that our productions facilitate the opportunity to form God appointed friendships.  I know that over the years, many of our young people have met their closest friends in church and spiritual activities.

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Two Nights!!




2 thoughts on “GET READY FOR THE JOURNEY OF A LIFETIME: “Acts, A City Rising” Is Here!

  1. There is so many events that happened in Acts, I am excited to see which events will be used in this production. Our staff, students and alumni have put their hearts and energy into this production as in all they have done prior to this one. I believe this will be far greater then any we have seen. Friday can’t come too soon!

  2. I am so glad I did not miss this production of the Book of Acts. It really brought the book alive. You know that these were real people, no different than ourselves, but when you see it all acted out before your eyes it helps to confirm that reality in your mind. That they are not just words on a page. One day we will meet these people and have a greater appreciation for their sacrifices and endeavors to keep the Church on the foundation that Christ established. The very same endeavor that we have today.
    To all the staff, students, and alumni that brought us this real life production, thank you. An especially big thank you to Sis. Lisa Meinhardt for her natural creativity, sacrifice of her time, even though she works a full-time job, and her love for the children of the people of God.

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