It’s about the Holy Ghost.

It’s about the birth of the Church.

It’s about being willing to spread the Word, no matter what the cost.

Rehearsals are progressing nicely and the cast is phenomenal!  Our young people inspire us every day.  They’re more than a team.  They are actual people, with actual lives, who have made an actual sacrifice to help build the church, and they are valuable to us.  Our desire is to help them on their journey and guide them to stay on this path.

Yes, it’s fun and entertaining, but most important, it’s teaching everyone involved how to be committed to God’s church and serious about overcoming.

We hope you gain deeper appreciation for what the church went through to get where we are today.  We’re staying focused and fighting for what really matters—living the book of Acts, overcoming our lives, and being faithful.

Reading Acts and practicing together has made us closer.  It’s more than a script.  It’s more than songs.  It’s more than lines.  We don’t want to ever take it for granted.

Elder believed in the next generation and in building lives that would build the Church <3

Here we go!



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