Happy Saturday!

We’ve been having amazing rehearsals preparing for “Acts, A City Rising”, coming May 24-25.


Lately, we’re working on imagining and becoming the person you are portraying.

We’re into the part of Acts where Saul is blinded by a light and has a miraculous turnaround and changes his name to Paul.  While Paul is wasting no time becoming a major apostle and leader of the early church, Peter is doing stuff too—all over the country.  Through the power of Jesus, he heals a man who is paralyzed, and converts lots of folks in the process.

Peter goes to Joppa.  As he prays on top of a roof, God gives him a vision that changes EVERYTHING.

Acts 9 and 10 are blowing up.

If you haven’t read these chapters, you’re missing two big events that shaped the Early Church and rocked all the religious leaders around them.

The cast of Acts is getting excited!  Here’s Philip:


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