When you look at the history of the Church, you see what the early apostles went through just to profess the Name of Jesus.  They had to defy common law of that day to do what Jesus told them to do, spread the gospel.  Their desire was to follow the plan Jesus left them.  They hungered and thirsted for righteousness and let nothing stand in their way.  Many of them were persecuted and met their literal, physical death.  But the Church went on, and it went on strong.

These believers didn’t hunger or thirst for the world, but gave everything to ensure the Word did not die on their watch.

Brother Patrick once said if we’re eating and drinking of the world, when we come into church, we’re full with our carnal nature and stuffed with the world.  We have no more room.  We’re neither hungry nor thirsty for Jesus.

What if we hungered and thirsted for only Him?  What if we became as determined as the early church in making sure the truth doesn’t die on our watch?  What if we were just as willing to witness to others about Jesus and all He’s done for us?

God has given us a mission:  build the Church, support the Ministry as they carry on His message, preserve the truth in our lives, and go forth as a witness to be there for all those He is going to call.

We’re working to wholeheartedly commit and be filled with His righteousness.  He poured out miracles and healings on the early Church.  As we empty our lives of the world and our fleshly nature and begin to hunger and thirst for more of Him, He will move on us and through us.  Be ready.

The expectation and excitement are brewing.  He is working with His people in a mighty way.  Can you see it?!

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  1. Have you ever looked on a map to see the locations of where the apostles and disciples of Christ traveled to? Compared to the United States it was as far North as New York and as far south as Texas. Reading Acts reminds me that travel to our sister assemblies is not a waste of time or money! I’m excited to be a traveling saint in the kingdom and look forward to our upcoming opportunities.

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