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On The Bridge, we’re talking about the biggest driving forces of true success and giving it to you in 3D.  No, you won’t need special glasses.  Brother Wright recently taught three traits we need to achieve success in Christ–Desire, Determination, and Dedication.

Because that’s what we do in the Body of Christ . . . help each other make it.


By Sister Trecinda Kinsey

Recently, my husband and I were blessed to be able to visit with Brother and Sister Wright and the saints from Georgia.  It was wonderful getting a chance to see everyone again and while we were there, Brother Wright gave a wonderful message about success.  He said that spiritual success is greater than any monetary success or natural accomplishments.  In the Body of Christ, success entails righteousness and an overcoming life.

Brother Wright gave several examples of people who are considered successful naturally, and went on to tell about how we can achieve success in our own lives.

Three Traits Of All Successful People


Definition:  a strong feeling of wanting to have something.  To be successful spiritually, we need to desire the right things.

“The desire of the righteous is only good…”  –Proverbs 11:23


Definition:  firmness of purpose.  Determination yields success, but our motivation has to be right.

A Cannaanite Woman’s Determination

Matthew 15:21-28 gives the account of a Canaanite woman who was determined to seek Jesus’s help.  Even though she was turned away by the disciples, and Jesus Himself, she was determined to get his attention so her request could be made known.  Because of her faith and determination, her daughter was healed.

A Determined Rich Man

Another account, Luke 19:1-10, tells the story of Zacchaeus, who was so determined to see Jesus, that he climbed a tree.  Brother Wright went on to say that determination involves sacrifice, and that it will manifest itself over time.


Definition:  commitment to a task for a purpose.

Dedicated to Keeping the Faith

The Old Testament saints were dedicated to keeping the faith.  Hebrews the 11th chapter is full of people whose dedication allowed them to achieve the ultimate reward.

He’ll Give Us The Desires of Our Heart

Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.  Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.  –Psalm 37:4-5

Desire the Right Success

To be successful, we need to possess Desire, Determination, and Dedication.  We also need to be sure that we are desiring the right things.  Be careful that we aren’t looking at the world for our examples of success.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Love the messages Bro Wright gives. Can’t wait until we’re together again in California!! We are so blessed!

  2. Thank you for this Great Testimony of an Outstanding message!
    I’m Praying to increase in these 3D’s!

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