When You Can’t Wait to Fill Your Mind With Good Things.

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Until then . . .

Jesus didn’t leave His home in heaven to endure suffering, the cross, and conquer death just for us to live a grueling life of hardship to be saved.

He came that we might have life, and have it more abundantly!  While we strive for eternal life, we can enjoy life with Him—right here and now.  Elder proved that.  There will always be plenty to endure, but with Christ, enjoy living, be full of life, and claim your victories🙂

This week, Sister Kelsey leaned on a message that Brother Nobles taught last December, and it helped her through some tough days.  She’s sharing it with anyone who needs to remember to take time to read the scriptures, study notes, and keep the teachings in our mind.  It fuels our faith and keeps God at the wheel.

She made time—even though she had to leave at 4:00 am—to fill her mind with something good.  What we feed our mind has power over our life.

I’m going to keep going.  With Jesus, I’ve got this.

What words are influencing you?


3 thoughts on “WEEKEND BRIEF: “What Words Are Influencing You?”

  1. I look forward to every post on The Bridge. My spirit is lifted, my soul refueled!
    Sis Clara

  2. I’m Thankful for the encouragement to “Stay in the Fight!”….knowing that “Daily Bread”….is what gives me the strength to Endure! 😀🙌

    I’m Truly Thankful for “The Bridge”! 👏😀

  3. Elder encouraged us always to fight the good fight of Faith, to lay hold on Eternal Life…. Bro Nobles reminds and this Wonderful People demonstrate always, “It’s a Good Life the Lord has given Me!”
    We are in a Wonderful condition and place in the Body of Jesus Christ! A place we can be fed the truth, in an environment to grow in!
    Looking forward to what God has in store for the Church!

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